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For most Tampa, Florida office spaces, carpet is the flooring of choice. Carpet reduces noise, provides better insulation, and creates a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere for employees and customers. But while carpet is a cheaper flooring option for most office spaces, it also requires more maintenance to ensure longevity and durability for the lifespan of the carpet.

Regular carpet cleaning should be incorporated into each office’s general maintenance schedule. However, knowing exactly when you need to invest in a carpet cleaning service offers isn’t always at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. For those who are unsure if they should invest in carpet cleaning services immediately, or who can push it off for another couple of months, here are four sure signs that your carpet needs to be professionally cleaned.

  • Stains are prominent. In a commercial office space, stains and spots are expected to appear over time due to the high volume of foot traffic. If the stains are starting to detract from the overall appearance of your carpet, or more and more stains are becoming prominent, it is time to schedule a professional carpet cleaning service.
  • Wanting the “new carpet” look. Everyone enjoys brand new carpet. Did you know that the look and feel of having clean new flooring, without having to buy a completely new carpet, is completely attainable? When you are pining for your well-used, commercial office carpet to appear “new” again, schedule a professional carpet cleaning service to come and clean your office carpets, and getting them looking like new again!
  • Hard Maintenance. Having your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals will make it easier for your janitorial staff to maintain it between cleanings. If your carpet is dirty and dingy from years of dust and debris, chances are that it will be harder for your staff to keep it clean without professional help. Regular, thorough carpet cleaning by professionals will be able to remove small spots and stains before they get out of control, and will prevent the need for your janitorial service from spending time trying to remove stains.
  • Employees have allergies. Carpets are traps for pollen, dust, and other particles that float in the air and cause runny noses, itchy throats, and watery eyes. If employees start to complain about any of the normal symptoms associated with allergies, it is a good idea to have your carpets cleaned to rid them of contaminates that could potentially be irritating your employees.

If it is time for your office to hire the professional carpet cleaning services has to offer, contact Executive Cleaning Services today! We understand the importance of providing a clean, safe, and healthy work environment for your employees. Don’t wait another minute. Contact Executive Clean today and receive a free quote for professional carpet cleaning services for your office. Let us restore your carpet, and your business, to the beauty and cleanliness that they deserve!

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