5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Commercial Janitorial Service Company

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5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Commercial Janitorial Service Company

Clients, prospective customers, and employees judge companies by their office appearance. As a business owner, you want to present your best space to customers and potential clients and want to keep your employees in healthy, sanitary offices.

A dirty physical space may turn away potential business, making finding the right commercial cleaning company incredibly important. 

There are a few critical questions to ask a janitorial service company to ensure their offerings and price match the company’s cleanliness and budget goals. Take a look at the following commercial cleaning questions you can ask when interviewing the right janitorial service company. 

1. What is the Company’s Experience With Your Industry and Type of Business?

Are there heavy machines, delicate instruments, or intricate floor plans in your office? If you have any concerns about the layout or contents in your space that might be problematic for cleaners, it’s best to clarify if they have experience in your industry.

Hiring a cleaner or highly experienced janitorial service will help give you peace of mind against potential accidents and hazards that may arise when cleaning specific machinery. If you have a more standard office layout without unusual equipment, this may be less concerning.

2. How Often Will They Clean Your Office or Retail Space?

When calling a reputable janitorial service company, it’s important to come prepared with days that would align with your company’s needs. Do you have clients visiting daily, is there food regularly in your space, or do you have a showroom?

Knowing the answers to these questions will better prepare you to hire a cleaning service company. Your schedule is the most important and settling for a time and date that is not perfect for your company is not acceptable. A reputable janitorial service company will align with your specific cleaning needs. 

Depending on your industry and interaction with customers, you may need more or less cleaning support. You might even want to consider the time of day the janitorial service could come into your space.

Are they available at night for office cleaning, or are you comfortable with them operating during working office hours? Being prepared with the answers to these questions will make the hiring process much smoother.

A reputable commercial cleaning company is well prepared to answer janitorial services questions. 

3. Will They Provide You With a List of References From Previous Clients?

Nowadays it’s very easy to find client reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites. It is not customary to provide references from previous clients, but a good janitorial service company will have plenty of reviews online.

The best way to find this information is to Google the company or look them up on Social Media platforms. 

Don’t be afraid to check many platforms and review sites. You’ll likely learn more about the company which will help you solidify your decision.

4. What Are Their Cleaning Methods, Including Chemicals Used and Equipment Used?

There are many reasons to care about the chemicals and equipment used in your office space. Factors like allergies and green cleaning solutions that are environmentally sound are important to consider when hiring a janitorial service company.

If you have staff or customers who can’t get exposed to certain chemicals, or you have concerns about germs in the environment, you might prefer the use of alternative cleaning types. A good janitorial service has various cleaning solutions to fit the needs of your company. 

Asking about their methods and cleaning products will ensure that there will be no surprise smells or toxic chemicals used.  The best time to ask about cleaning products and equipment used would be when scheduling a quote.

Don’t be shy asking about supplies, equipment, and methods to see if they match your expectations and needs. A good janitorial service company is ready to listen and answer any questions you may have about commercial cleaning.

5. Are You Insured, Licensed, and Bonded?

Bonding is a type of insurance that businesses get to protect themselves from any damages caused by their employees. This way, if the employee breaks or steals something, they can file an insurance claim and pay you for your losses.

Many states require commercial cleaners to be insured. If you hire a company that doesn’t have the required coverage, your business could lose its assets if an accident occurs on the job site while someone from that cleaning service is working in it.

It is important to ask a potential janitorial service company what coverage their insurance has. Knowing their insurance coverage will protect you from possible liabilities that may incur in case of accidents. It will also ensure that your company is protected in case of theft or damage. 

Finding the Right Janitorial Service Company

Assess where you are with your office space. If you have particular industrial cleaning or commercial needs or want an additional specialized cleaning plan for your business, you need to identify those areas of concern in your initial call.

You should also have a budget in mind and a target frequency for cleaning, which you can share and discuss with any potential janitorial service.

If you’re concerned about eradicating germs or want to completely avoid bleach in your space, it’s important to express your preferred method of cleaning to a janitorial service.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to identify what will make you feel comfortable trusting this service while maintaining your space. Search for reviews from prior clients to give yourself the peace of mind to feel confident in your janitorial service company. 

With a few key questions and ideas in mind, you’ll be able to efficiently and confidently select the right janitorial service company for your needs. Contact Executive Cleaning Services today for free estimates!