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“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” This is an old saying that does not often apply to most commercial cleaning clients because what they want is value for their money. Industry research indicates clients are likely to switch cleaning companies after the contract time expires or when they are dissatisfied by the service. Commercial cleaning providers are bound to have occasional hiccups when it comes to service delivery. This is because the human element involved in service delivery is not perfect. Most of these problems can be resolved with proper communication. However, how many mistakes are too many.

Here are 5 reasons commercial cleaning clients switch their cleaning companies


1. Your cleaning service people’s problems become your client’s problems

Just like every service business out there, cleaning is a service based business that relies on people to get the job done. Because of that, the biggest asset for cleaning companies is their workforce. A janitorial service that takes shortcuts in any of its hiring processes is bound to have service delivery problems. Shortcuts such as inadequate employee screening, illegal subcontracting or hiring, and lack of training and oversight, results in high employee turnover. This means new faces frequent your client’s facility resulting in inconsistent service delivery which leads to losing clients. At Executive Cleaning Services, we take pride in hiring vetted cleaning agents, and receive thorough customer service training to ensure we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

2. Poor communication

Just as earlier mentioned, a commercial cleaning service provider will always experience hiccups, in line of service delivery. However, effective communication can effectively iron out these issues. Professionally speaking, a service provider should get back to the customer within 48 hours. How else will you know whether or not you are meeting your client’s expectations if you don’t communicate regularly? The client is likely to opt for another service if they do not get prompt responses every time they try to reach out to your service. Executive Cleaning Services offers direct access to a professional cleaning service representative, as well as 24/7 phone access to answer any questions or remedy any concerns.

3. Security Lapses

Security is paramount and depending on the type of company, security lapses can be a severe and dangerous problem. Do your employees often leave alarms off, doors unlocked or not properly locked? One of the major concerns for the clients when dealing with cleaning agents is the security of their premises. As such, clients will work only with companies they can trust. This trust includes being responsible for security measures. A high employee turnover is also a security risk for the client. It is usually difficult to recover when trust is breached, especially when dealing with security issues. Executive Cleaning Services, keeps a close eyes on all employees and ensures they all follow proper security protocols to ensure the safety of our clients facility, equipment, and inventory.

4. Professionalism and training

The commercial cleaning services goes beyond cleaning the facilities. It also involves having the right knowledge and skills to get the cleaning job done well. This can only be achieved through proper training and hiring of the right people. Having unprofessional workforce is the root cause most of the other problems on this. Resulting in termination of contracts. Executive Cleaning Services provides employees with monthly, weekly and daily training and motivation, to ensure work is getting done with efficiency, excellence, and professionalism.

5. Poor Quality Control

Most vendors deliver quality service for a while, but this quality starts to fade away with time. It may not be possible to achieve quality service always. However, the good service should not be a once in a while affair; it should be nearly always. The client needs consistent and reliable service, or else they will start looking elsewhere. Executive Cleaning Services offers customized cleaning plans to ensure the quality, expectations, and demands of clients are being met every step of the way.

Don’t entrust your facility to just anyone. Ensure you have done the proper due diligence and work with an experienced company that can provide the security, guarantee, and satisfaction you’re looking for from your cleaning provider.

At Executive Cleaning Services we have the happiest employees. It is because of this that our turnover rate is very low. Having a reliable and professional workforce is one of the reasons Executive Cleaning Services stands out above the rest. If you are looking to hire a professional staff in which to trust, call us for a free no-strings attached estimate.

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