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October 25, 2021

7 Tips to Choosing The Right San Diego Commercial Cleaning Company

Looking to hire a professional cleaning company in San Diego for your commercial facility?

Finding the right-fit commercial cleaning company in San Diego can seem like a daunting task. Hiring the wrong company can lead to costly mistakes and poor quality work. In this article, we walk you through finding and choosing the right janitorial company for your business!

Consider the size and scope of your facility.

Just need cleaning and maintenance but don't know how to find the right cleaning help? Hiring the wrong size of the team could lead to costly mistakes and poor quality work, so make sure you know what is best for your business before signing on the dotted line. Hire based on how much floor space they need to cover rather than square footage or the number of rooms.

Some cleaners offer hourly rates for quick projects like post-party clean up while others charge an all-inclusive flat rate that covers everything from trash removal to shampooing carpet (if you need it). Hire a company that offers both options so that their services are flexible enough to handle your needs.

The right cleaning company will be flexible in catering to your needs and setting the right expectations as to a sound budget needed to maintain your facility without cutting corners.

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Create a budget for yourself

Don't have a budget? Create one for yourself and if you don't know where to start, request a free cleaning quote from a local commercial cleaning company near you. A free quote will include the cost of supplies, equipment, and employees needed to get the cleaning done. Hiring a commercial cleaning company in San Diego, CA, doesn't have to be expensive if you do your research ahead of time!

Consider the size and scope of your commercial space when hiring a janitorial cleaning company.

Research companies in your area

Check online reviews and referrals! Google commercial cleaning companies in your area, vet them by their years of service, type of insurance they carry, check for BBB.org complaints and check out their website.

Fly-by-night cleaners don't have any digital footprint, so it's easy for them to get away by charging the least and not show up to do the work.
Entrusting your facility's keys requires lots of trusts! We recommend you speak to the cleaner 2-3 times and make sure both parties are clear on all the details, and agreements spell out deliverables.

Consider all aspects of their services carefully.

Is the company you're about to hire a house cleaning company or a commercial cleaning company specializing in disinfecting and cleaning commercial facilities? We strongly recommend you look at the pros and cons when dealing with a potential cleaning company. Look at their availability, how long it takes them to pick up the phone, how they treat you when you call, how they write up their estimates, how they schedule their jobs. Details matter!

If possible, try to meet the cleaners in person to give you a walk-in estimate. Hiring a commercial cleaner is not like hiring someone to mow your lawn where you can hire them on an hourly basis and get rid of them when they are done. Hire one company for all your cleaning needs so that the staff becomes familiar with who does what, how often, and this will also ensure consistency across the board.

Hiring a commercial cleaner familiar with your business will help them provide better service, including cleaning during non-business hours, keeping the work area clean during the day, and being careful around sensitive areas like equipment or product samples.

Commercial cleaners have their preferred products to use, so be sure you are open about what kind of environment and what type of products will be used in your facility.

Ask about references, insurance, and licensing.

Hiring an office cleaning company in San Diego, CA, is like hiring any service provider; references and insurance are crucial elements to consider. As a business owner or facility manager, you may want someone who has the experience needed to get your business clean and safe again.

Ensure they are fully insured for potential damages that may occur during their work time onsite with you or at your property. If something happens during their work time at your property or business, you want someone who will cover the cost of any property damage.

Look for online reviews and check out their yellow pages profile to make sure they're a company in good standing.

Make sure you're clear on what's included in the quote.

If you find a quote, make sure to go over it in detail and ensure that it's what you need. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is one of the most important things that your company needs. Hiring an unqualified commercial cleaning company can be detrimental to your offices and employees.

Hire a professional that will do the job correctly and for an affordable price. Hiring a commercial cleaning company in San Diego is no problem because there are many to choose from.

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