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Though the economy of Rochester has suffered a lot in the past few decades, a wide array of encouraging developments have been witnessed over the last few years. Rochester is considered to be one of the top integrated photonics manufacturing hubs of the country. The photonics investment is interlinked for the creation of 1,400 jobs in the Flower City. However, a plethora of sources is also available for different entrepreneurs. The Rochester innovative zone involves a bundle of businesses in the region of Inner Loop Area. Due to the growing number of the local economic resources and photonics manufacturing hubs on horizons, entrepreneurs in Rochester NY are more optimistic in these days.

Business resources for new businesses in Rochester

Here is a look at the different resources for the upcoming business and commerce in Rochester NY:

Rochester Downtown Development Corporation

The mission of RDDC is driving downtown growth and rendering support to the Downtown Innovation Zone. It advocates different issues that have an influence on the growth and investment of the downtown and marketing the center of the city as an essential asset for the growth in the region.

Greater Rochester Enterprise

The mission of Greater Rochester Enterprise is rendering support to the attraction and expansion of the business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It collaborates with different universities, companies, government leaders and non-profit organizations for delivering a unified approach to different regional economic development.

High Tech Rochester

High Tech Rochester, now known as NextCorps contributes to being a non-profit that aims to be a catalyst for innovative economic development and entrepreneurship. It offers a suite of services that include technology commercialization for early stage opportunities.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce renders support services to different member businesses across the region.


ACTRochesters ultimate objective is altering the culture of community problem-solving as well as associated decision making via the use of timely, independent and credible data.

How to register a business in Rochester

Registration of the business in Rochester NY is considered to be a crucial step to start a business. It requires a tax account, legal structure, license, and permits. Registration of your business in a proper manner provide different resources such as access to loans or grants, business bank account which is difficult to achieve otherwise. Here are the different aspects of registering a business in Rochester.

Choosing the legal structure of the business

Select the legal structure of the business, such as whether it is a non-profit, corporation or limited liability by reviewing different goals for legal, tax or financial protection. For instance, a limited liability company comes with a wide array of benefits that render protection to you from financial and legal liability.

Register as “doing business as” also known as DBA

You need to buy a doing business at the Clerk Office at Monroe County as the DBA certificate in Rochester for the sole proprietorship or at legal or business store, office supply for the partnership. You need to submit three copies at the office of the clerk to get sole proprietorship.

Contact the State Department of New York for running the business name check

Companies should be completing the check for avoiding the trademark infringement. For instance, in case your business logo and name has a closer resemblance to any existing business or company, you are not allowed to use the logo or name. You should be running the domain name check in order to make sure that the specific business name, chosen by you, is available.

Submission of the Certificate of Limited Partnership

You require submitting the Certificate of Limited Partnership to the Secretary of the State in Albany, New York. You can consult an attorney for seeking advice in order to prepare the forms properly.

Requesting EIN or Employer ID number

If you are planning to hire employees, you require registering or incorporating a partnership. The EIN or Employer ID Number refers to the identification of the business. It is used for different reasons which are inclusive of payment of taxes and application of business credit.

Requesting the appropriate license or permission for the business

You may require a professional or occupational license for running a business legally. Requirements for permit and business license may differ depending on the industry of your business.

While several businesses are existing in Rochester, different entrepreneurs are coming up with several new business opportunities. You can invest in the business in the region in order to incur huge profits and contribute to the economic development of the country.

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The information provided in this article has been provided as a reference and should not be taken as legal advice. We strongly encourage you to contact an Attorney specialized in Business matters, or a CPA, before making any decisions.

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