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Having clean carpet can immediately improve the overall image of a room, whether it’s in your own home or in your office building. Accidents happen, but a seemingly simple spill might cost you your clean carpet if you don’t act fast. Acting the wrong way with a spill could turn it into a permanent stain. Avoid our top-five carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid potentially making your carpet worse than necessary while you wait for commercial cleaning services to restore your carpet

1. Not cleaning up a spill immediately.

When a spill happens, you should act as soon as possible. Spills, especially when they could turn into highly-pigmented stains, can sink into carpet fibers and make them almost impossible to remove. Left alone for long enough, spills can get all the way down into the carpet padding, and cause mold or other more expensive problems that require you not to just fix the coloring of your carpet, but replace an entire room’s flooring.

2. Using products to clean before testing.

When you put chemicals on your carpet, there’s always a chance that there could be a reaction with your carpet fibers or the dye used to color your carpet. The only safe way to avoid ruining or staining your carpet is to test the product beforehand in a less visible area, or on some carpet samples that you have on hand. If you don’t have a carpet sample to test on, try them out in a corner of the room, under a couch or table, or maybe under a rug in the room. Taking the time to do a quick test with your cleaning supplies can help you to avoid the potentially costly result of having to replace an entire room’s carpet, or having an unsightly stain in the middle of a well-used room.

3. Doing it all on your own.

While there’s nothing wrong with being self-sufficient, there is always a point when professional help should be brought in. If you have a high-traffic area that is stained by children or pets, these kinds of stains are usually better handled by a professional, who can know exactly how to bring your carpet back to life. If you are also trying to get your home ready to sell or for a formal event, a professional carpet treatment can be the perfect touch to set your floors apart and really show off your home. Having a professional take care of your carpet can not only remove off-putting stains, but can also get out animal hairs and odors from rooms entirely.

4. Using deodorizing powders for more than just smells.

No one wants to have a bad-smelling home. There are entire markets devoted to products such as wall plugins, wax warmers, oil-diffusers, and special deodorizing powders for your carpet, which are dedicated to entirely removing bad smells from your home. But it’s important to note that deodorizing powders are not designed to clean up spills or lift up stain from your carpet’s fibers. If you need to use a deodorizing powder where there was a stain or spill, you should wait until the stain has been completely removed. Deodorizing powders could make stains worse, and if overused, could build up around carpet fibers, making your carpet look constantly dirty.

5. Scrubbing spills out of the carpet.

When the time comes to remove the dreaded stain out of your carpet, we all have a tendency to scrub the stains out as hard and as fast as we can. While you should react to spills immediately, scrubbing is one of the worst things you can do to a stain. Even though you may be removing the stain, scrubbing your carpet untwists and fades the carpet fibers, which causes permanent damage. The best way to remove a stain is to start by scraping up what you can with a spoon, and then blotting the stain with a towel. After the moisture is absorbed, use a stain remover.

While cleaning your house yourself is always the best option when dealing with basic spills and messes, leave heavy carpet-cleaning to the professionals. Executive Clean is one of the best commercial cleaning services in the country, with over 35 years of experience. Don’t let stains be stains. Call Executive Clean today!

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