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Chicago is a large city with lots of residents, tourists and attractions. But amidst all of the hustle and bustle of the city are various office spaces that require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they look their best, and provide a clean and healthy work environment for employees. However, do you know how clean your office cleaning services Chicago is getting your office? Normally, the garbage will be taken out, the desk will be dusted off, and the flooring will be vacuumed, leaving the office at least looking clean. What about the things that you can’t see? Did your cleaning service get those things as well?

While having a clean office is important to create a positive first impression and boost general employee morale, there could potentially be some dangerous germs lurking in your employees’ personal workspaces that need to be addressed. Just because these germs are out of sight doesn’t mean that they should be ignored. Here are a few places that your employees should be aware of, and regularly clean with disinfecting wipes or spray to avoid illness.

  • Phones

Phones are crawling with germs and bacteria. Because phones are held so close to one’s mouth, it is important that phones are cleaned regularly to prevent the spreading of germs from one user to another. When cleaning phones, don’t just clean the mouth piece, be sure to clean the entire handset.

  • Computer Keyboards

Keyboards are notorious for being covered in germs and food residue. Be sure to regularly unplug your keyboard, tap it on the back gently to remove any food residue that is lodged between the keys, and wipe it with an appropriate cleaner.

  • Desktops

The top of a desk is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Hands, food, and documents that have been passed around the office all contaminate desktops with germs that could result in illness. Weekly cleaning with disinfectant will keep the risk of getting sick at bay.

  • Chair Arms

Not a lot of people think about the arms of their chairs as something needing to be cleaned. Just think about how many times a day your hands touch your chair arms, contaminating them with germs from your desktop, phone, and keyboard. When wiping down other parts of their personal workspaces, employees should also wipe down their chairs as well.

Having a less than stellar cleaning service Chicago could be costing your business thousands of dollars every year in lost productivity and sick days. It is important that employees take a few minutes each week to disinfect their workspaces, especially during cold and flu season. And if you are looking to replace your current cleaning service provider with one that is committed to going above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of your employees, Executive Cleaning Services is standing by waiting to help you!

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