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Cleaning Services By Industry

Our world class team of professionals offers up fast, efficient, and affordable cleaning solutions. There is no job too large or too small for our team, and we welcome the opportunity to assess your cleaning needs and exceed your expectations.
Healthcare Center


The Professional Cleaning of a medical facility, not only requires license and proper certification, but also close attention to detail and respect for privacy. Because medical facilities serve the needs of those in less than favorable conditions, it is our job to ensure their confidence in the cleanliness where their healing will take place. The full range of services offered by Executive Clean will provide the consistency and reliability necessary to keep the system running in one of the most important industries.
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Keeping Educational Facilities clean is not only important for general maintenance, but for the overall effectiveness of the environment. Regardless of the age of the learner, having fewer distractions will increase their cognitive retention rates, making the time spent, more effective. Our skilled and experienced staff are required to pass rigorous background checks, as well as complete training before entering any facility. Because we use green cleaning products, you can rest assured your learner is protected.
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Retail shop


Because first impressions are everything, the cleanliness of your store will entice people to enter, stay, and spend their money.Our objective is to provide reliable and dedicated support staff to your operation, to keep your retail store running smoothly and free up your time to engage with your patrons. Make the conversation circumvent the fantastic products you offer, and not yesterdays trash. Contact us today for a free quote.
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The Cleanliness of your Bathroom may never be a glamorous conversation piece, and to be quite honest, we hope it’s never a discussion at all. Most people will rarely comment on the cleanliness, because it is expected in a place of business. What they will comment on, is not feeling clean during a private part of their day. By using a professional cleaning company, you ran rest assured your staff, patrons, and visitors pay attention to your business, and not your bathroom.
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Government Facility


The Cleaning of our Government Buildings is something we take very seriously. Not only are we representing ourselves, but we are helping our government represent themselves in a way that exudes the same confidence we strive for in American Administration. our products are eco friendly, and our green cleaning approach, will assimilate the professionalism a government building should offer.
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Hospitality cleaning


The Hospitality Industry requires a certain air of comfort that can only be offered up in a clean and fresh environment. The essence of hospitality, according to your mother (and every other mother) will start and end with a welcoming atmosphere. Let Executive Clean improve the usability of your space by being your leading cleaning company in your hospitable place of business.
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Sports facility


Take me out to the ballgame! We all know that the moment you enter a stadium or an even, you are walking into a large group of people, all there to enjoy themselves and watch the show. By hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain your facility, before, during, and after an event, you can be sure to keep your thrill seekers coming back for more. Porter services will allow for the event to carry on status quo even as thousands of people move through your venue. 24 hour janitorial services will keep your place well maintained, and in pristine condition.
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office space


Your Conference Room is where business deals take place, the lobby is the precursor to any activity for the day. Be sure your conference room sets the stage for major negotiations, and your office spaces represent who you are as a company. Executive clean is happy to offer there services daily, weekly, or a one time deep clean. Contact us today for a free quote.
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Car Dealership


Auto dealerships are a staple in every community across the nation, with some communities having multiple dealerships located in a row. With so many options to choose from for purchasing cars, it is important to find a dealership that not only is reputable, but that also looks reputable.
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Apartment Building


Apartments and multi-tenant facilities see a lot of turnover with tenants moving in and out like clockwork. When tenants move out, it is imperative to get the apartments cleaned and ready for new tenants to move into as soon as possible. Enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service who can quickly get apartments to shine and look move-in ready is important. At Executive Cleaning Services, we specialize in helping property managers and owners of apartment buildings and multi-tenant facilities to prepare apartments for new tenants after previous tenants move out.
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Church building


While most churches and religious facilities are only used for a couple of days a week, it is easy for the dirt and germs to build up without regular and thorough cleanings. At Executive Cleaning Services, we take the time to ensure that every aspect of churches and religious facilities look their best and are ready for weekly services. Don’t risk having your church less than spotless for weekly services by entrusting your building’s cleaning needs to just anyone. Executive Cleaning Services has years of experience with cleaning religious buildings, properly preparing them for Sunday worship services.
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Fitness Club


For those who spend large or even small amounts of time at fitness centers and health clubs, it is important that they are not at risk of attracting germs from other patrons via unclean equipment or facilities. Trusting the cleaning and maintenance needs of a fitness center or health club to someone who takes their job seriously is the key to ensuring that patrons of a fitness center have an enjoyable experience, without having to worry about the cleanliness of the facilities.
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