A Cleaning Guide To Keep Your Gym Clean & Disinfected

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A Cleaning Guide To Keep Your Gym Clean & Disinfected

As a gym owner or an owner of a fitness center, the pandemic has likely changed the way you run your business. Keeping things tidy is now a higher priority than ever. This fact is especially true if you want to maintain your business and keep your customers safe. 

As the nationwide restrictions lift and things are opening up, your previous customers may naturally have concerns. Having thorough cleaning guidelines for gyms is the best way to assure your customers that they are safe.

If keeping your gym sanitary was never a high priority for you, there is no need to worry. Practicing good sanitation has to start somewhere, and there is no better time than now. This article will teach you the steps on how to maintain a clean fitness center. 

Clean the Equipment

Following the guidelines in gym cleaning protocols, the first step in disinfecting a gym is to clean the gym equipment. This step is fairly obvious but is essential in ensuring that no germs are spread between customers.

As a gym owner, it will be up to you to enforce how often your staff is cleaning the fitness equipment. You can clean the equipment with the proper cleaning products and cleaning solution every half hour. Or, if you want to play it safe, you can shorten the time to fifteen minutes.

However, if it is slow enough, your staff should clean any equipment including rubber floorings as soon as someone finishes with it. 

Wipe Down the Mirrors and Windows with Microfiber Cloth or Cleaning Wipes

Part of keeping a safe and clean gym is to clean every aspect of the fitness center.

Mirrors are standard among fitness centers, as it gives customers a chance to see their progress in real-time. No one likes a dirty mirror in general, but it is crucial now to make sure that all mirrors are clean. Oftentimes clients touch the mirrors which could harbor harmful bacteria and viruses. It’s not just about fingerprints, but also about sanitation. 

Windows are another big priority when considering the overall cleanliness of your gym. The windows are often the first thing a potential customer will see when walking by your facility.

Dirty windows are the first sign that a business is not keeping its building clean. To make the fitness center more inviting, make sure that your staff is cleaning both the windows and the mirror. 

Sweep Up any Excess Dirt or Hair on the Floor

It’s not just the equipment we need to be mindful of. Bacteria can spread easily through the hair and dirt that gathers on the floor.

One of the biggest reasons people take their shoes off at the door is to avoid bringing germs inside their home. Customers will want to keep their shoes on during their workouts. As a result, your staff needs to ensure that the floors are spotless. Not to mention weights sit on the floor and are then handed off from one gym member to another. Keeping floors clean will minimize cross-contamination. 

The first step in having a clean floor is to sweep the entire floor, even if it doesn’t look dirty. Consistent sweeping keeps the floor clean and makes deep-cleaning the floor easier overall. Gym floors should be deep cleaned at least once a day, two would be ideal. Once in the morning before the gym opens and another time in the mid-afternoon before the 5 o’clock rush.  Keeping the floors swept will make mopping easier. 

Mop All of the Floors, Including Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

The next step in having a clean floor is to mop the entire floor.

Mopping is what will disinfect the floors. While sweeping will remove all visible debris, mopping gets the invisible bacteria. When you mop, your mop water should have the appropriate bleach or floor cleaner. The most ideal thing would be to mop the floors at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once mid-afternoon. 

Spray Disinfectant Solutions on All Surfaces That May Have Come into Contact with Germs (e.g., Handles) 

This step is one of the most critical steps in preventing the spread of germs. Cleaning the floors, exercise equipment, and windows are essential. However, all of that cleaning is pointless if your staff is not cleaning the right items. 

It is recommended to have hand sanitizers available to disinfect anything that every gym-goer or an employee may end up touching. These things can include the door handles, the counter, the bathroom, the office, and almost anywhere in the building. 

Not everything in every room has to go through frequent sanitation. However, a gym owner needs to be intelligent and aware of what to clean and when. Make a mental note of where customers are constantly touching surfaces. 

For example, you may not need to clean the underside of a counter as often as the top part of the counter. The buttons of a vending machine are in more need of cleaning than the backside. 

Replace Dirty Towels with Clean Ones to Make Them Look More Inviting for New Members

To set your fitness facility apart from others, you will need to take extra steps to make your center appear inviting. 

As society starts to navigate a post-pandemic world, cleanliness is one of the most significant attractive factors for a business. 

There are small things that your staff can do, such as replacing dirty towels with clean ones. This act may seem very small, but dingy towels can be a huge turnoff.

Dirty towels are not only gross looking and smelly. Having customers share damp towels is a great way to spread bacteria. 

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