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COVID-19 has become a harsh reality to face for everyone worldwide. Commercial facilities are no different. They often have higher standards to uphold, considering they are gathering places for large numbers of people and could potentially serve as a breeding ground for spreading the virus.

Executive Cleaning Services provides affordable and reliable coronavirus cleaning services for commercial facilities throughout the US. Our staff is fully vetted and provided with proper protection of their own to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize commercial spaces.

Our company has 43+ years of experience serving local clients, including all types of commercial, industrial, medical, educational, and corporate facilities. Each of our team members undergoes rigorous training and testing to ensure top-of-the-line service.

Facility managers now hold the responsibility to provide proper coronavirus disinfection services. See how we are helping facilities prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing - CDC Guidelines

The Centers for Disease Control has been the primary source for educating the public on safety measures to prevent the coronavirus spread. They offer continuously updated protocols, including COVID-19 cleaning services for commercial facilities.

At Executive Cleaning Services, we are sure to follow CDC protocols for COVID-19 disinfection. According to the CDC Disinfection Guidelines, COVID-19 cleaning services should include:

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects with soap and water to reduce the risk of exposure
  • Use of EPA-approved disinfectants frequently on porous surfaces and high touchpoints
  • Use of alternative options when EPA-approved disinfectants are not readily available

These guidelines have been put in place to help protect everyone from the rapid spread of coronavirus. The CDC also stresses the importance of developing, implementing, maintaining, and revising Covid cleaning services in all commercial facilities.

How Often Should Businesses Clean Surfaces During COVID?

The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting should depend on the level of traffic a specific area or object may have. At a very minimum, surfaces that are touched by multiple people frequently should be cleaned daily as long as the facility is in use.

Depending on the usage of certain areas or objects determines the need to clean and sanitize after every use. It is essential to have cleaning and sanitizing equipment available within facilities to allow patrons to upkeep this protection level between coronavirus cleaning services.

As a rule of thumb, stick to the following cleaning schedule for commercial spaces: 

  • Areas and objects cleaned and sanitized daily at a minimum
  • High traffic objects cleaned and sanitized following every use
  • Whenever possible, look to provide shields or barriers for electronics to help build a protective barrier from cleaning and sanitizing products

When scheduling COVID disinfecting service through Executive Cleaning Services, we work on individual schedules to ensure we meet all cleaning and sanitizing needs. We understand that these cleaning processes differ from client to client and we pride ourselves in customizing schedules as needed.

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Preventive Disinfection Services to Protect Your Business from the Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a sphere-shaped virus known to have small protein spikes on the exterior, which attach to the body's cells. The virus has a coating with a fatty layer that holds it all together.

By integrating coronavirus cleaning services that utilize alcohol, we break down the fatty bilayer of the virus. We make sure to integrate products with 60-80% alcohol content, either ethanol or isopropanol, in all of our cleaning at Executive Cleaning Services, which proves to be the most effective.

To sanitize computers for the Coronavirus, the CDC recommends a sanitizing solution that contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water. At Executive Cleaning Services, we are careful with our cleaning solutions. We understand that using other cleaning agents that are readily available, including bleach, peroxide, acetone, or ammonia, can be harsher and could potentially cause permanent damage to electronics.

Covid Disinfecting Services for Commercial Facilities

As a business owner, it is essential to follow the necessary steps to help slow the coronavirus spread. While many options provide coronavirus disinfection service, there are crucial steps to follow as per the CDC.

As a team, we at Executive Cleaning Services work to closely follow these steps and keep our teams up to date with any new information as it is released regularly.

1. Safe Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

Keeping surfaces clean is the first step in keeping everyone safe and healthy. While it may seem easy enough, there are critical aspects to keep in consideration while cleaning.

  • Use disposable gloves while cleaning
  • Use soap and water to clean
  • Follow with disinfectant
  • Create a morning cleaning routine
  • Be mindful of frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, etc.)

Cleaning is a crucial step as it reduces the number of germs and dirt, but it is important to be followed with disinfectant as this will completely kill any remaining germs.

2. Professional Disinfection Service

Ensuring disinfectant follows proper cleaning helps to ensure to kill all of the potential coronavirus germs. Disinfectants are typically harsher chemicals, so it is important to be careful when handling them. Follow these steps provided by the CDC to ensure safe and effective disinfectant usage:

  • Make sure your disinfectant is EPA-approved
  • Carefully read the directions on the label
  • Clean surfaces before disinfecting
  • Pay close attention to the contact time
  • Always wear gloves and wash your hands after removing them
  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children

The coronavirus cleaning services provided by Executive Cleaning Services make sure to use all disinfectants safely to protect all clients and patrons.

There are other precautionary measures commercial facilities can keep in mind while looking for a coronavirus cleaning company. We also keep in mind:

  • Washing available fabrics
  • Adding wipeable covers to electronics
  • Cleaning and disinfecting public outdoor areas
  • Safety for our cleaning team

We want to make sure that we are cleaning and disinfecting commercial facilities to the best of our ability while considering our individuals' safety that makes up our team.


How Long Does Lysol and Other Disinfectants Take to Kill COVID-19 Virus?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, Lysol can kill the coronavirus in two minutes. Other disinfectants can take longer, including the Kirkland brand, which takes three minutes to kill the coronavirus on surfaces.

Using state of the art cleaning and disinfectant products at Executive Cleaning Services, we ensure eliminating any coronavirus traces on all surfaces within commercial facilities.

What if Someone Tests Positive for Coronavirus in the Office?

While we hope that our clients do not have to face the concern of handling an employee who has tested positive, we understand that it can become a reality, and it is crucial to prepare for all situations should that happen.

Give us a call right away if there has been a potential case of COVID-19 in the building. We will work together to make sure to follow the correct procedures for the safety of all. While scheduling a professional cleaning with us, here are the steps to take if someone tests positive for coronavirus in the office:

  • Often, offices will not have to shut down the facility entirely
  • Close off any areas the sick person may have used for an extended amount of time
  • If possible, wait as close to 24 hours before cleaning and disinfecting closed off areas
  • Follow CDC guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting listed above
  • Determine exposure to anyone else who might have been exposed and communicate with fellow employees while maintaining confidentiality
  • Excuse anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 from work to isolate at home if not the hospital
  • Work with local health department officials regarding any close contact potential spread

It is vital to maintain confidentiality while handling potential COVID-19 exposures in the workplace as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our team at Executive Cleaning Services handles all cases with sensitivity while protecting commercial facilities from the virus's future spread.

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COVID-19 is very much a thing of the present as we all work together to navigate these unique times. It is our responsibility to do everything we can to prevent the virus's spread as much as possible. A significant portion of the prevention process involves the coronavirus cleaning services offered in commercial spaces.
At Executive Cleaning Services, we pride ourselves on offering both reliable and affordable COVID-19 cleaning services for commercial facilities all over the US. Our staff is thoroughly vetted, trained, and protected to clean, disinfect, and sanitize spaces effectively and efficiently.
Our company has been serving local communities since 1976 and continues to provide cleaning services to facilities, including commercial, industrial, medical, education, and corporate buildings.
Call Executive Cleaning Services for the best covid cleaning services near you at 1-800-664-6393, or get in touch with our local COVID cleaners for a cleaning quote. We’re available to answer your questions and concerns 24/7/365 about our services and areas of service– Contact us today!
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