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If you have carpet in your home, you’ve seen and dealt with a wide variety of stains.  From tracked-in mud to spaghetti sauce, each mess has its own respective headache, and a big concern about permanent carpet-damage.  While some stains require nothing more than a well-soaked rag and some elbow grease, others require a more specialized approach, in order to prevent long-lasting damage. And some are just flat-out nightmares to deal with.  Here at Executive Clean, our commercial floor cleaning services has seen its fair share of ruined and damaged carpet that can cause the traditional homeowner to pull out their carpet, possibly along with their hair. We’ve put together a list of the top five worst carpet stains, from the easily fixable ones to those that make you want to throw in the towel. It can be messy out there, and sometimes, not even your carpet can remain unscathed.

Red Wine

While a glass a day may be good for your heart, it’s never a good idea to mix this brightly-colored liquid with carpet fibers. And while relaxing at home with a box of Franzia might seem like the perfect night, if your glass is knocked over, it can spell disaster. Wine stains can soak into your carpet and cause permanent damage, but if you act immediately, you can prevent stains from setting into the fibers. The best way to treat a red wine stain is to start blotting (not rubbing!) at the fresh spill, and using a solution of one-part dishwashing liquid to two-parts hydrogen peroxide. Make sure to wipe it all off with a damp cloth when the stain finally lifts.

Pet Stains

Our pets can bring so much joy into our lives, along with many messes. And while potty training can greatly reduce the amount of accidents that do happen inside the house, it can’t be 100% successful. Fortunately, there are many cleaning solutions specifically tailored for these messes that are sold in pet stores, and have enzymatic solutions that should be safe to spray directly on your carpet.


Even the tiniest of cuts can make a noticeable stain on your carpet, but it can be difficult to deal with an injury and still have the added stress of cleaning your floor before it stains. Use a solution of one tablespoon dishwashing liquid and two cups cold water to treat the area, and dab with a dry cloth.  If the solution or hydrogen peroxide don’t lift the stain, maybe a professional floor cleaning service can.


A common problem that caffeine addicts face is coffee spills that can, and do, reach their carpet. This kind of stain is even more likely in areas like office buildings, which can have a high traffic of coffee drinkers. White vinegar and dishwasher detergent can be used to stop the stain from turning your carpet an ugly yellow/brown color before it sets.

Ink Stains

Pens are useful tools that many of us couldn’t get through the day without, but they have the danger of leaking ink. Whether it’s in your freshly laundered shirt or your dining room carpet, you want to get ink out of fabric and fibers before they turn into a lifelong ink blot. With ink, you don’t want to take chances treating it on your own, as improper treatment might make the stain expand, so you should reach out to a professional floor cleaning service. They have the best chance of completely removing the ink.

So, there you have it! These are the worst possible things to get on your carpet. We hope these tips helped you, and remember, if the stain is too overwhelming, call Executive Cleaning Services for help with keeping your carpet safe from damage. Contact us today!

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