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One of the most important aspects of a successful business is efficiency, and local cleaning services is no different. Fast, yet thorough is the name of the game when it comes to professional commercial cleaning. Before you can send your team in to provide cleaning services to a business there are a few important things that are necessary to ensure that your team is set up for success!

Proper Cleaning Equipment

It is essential to provide your cleaning crew with the proper cleaning equipment necessary to do their job quickly and correctly. The necessary equipment will not only ensure the quality of the cleaning that is provided, but will also cut down on the time required to complete task. While it may cost more at first, as this is an initial investment in your equipment, that money can be recouped over time as it won’t require as much time to complete task. Proper equipment can dramatically impact the level of clean that your cleaning crew can provide.

Proper Cleaning Chemicals

When cleaning with various commercial cleaning chemicals it is imperative that crews be trained in the proper usage of the chemicals that they will be using. By standardizing and coordinating the range of cleaning products, you can achieve savings through simplified training, eliminating waste, reduced transportation and storage cost, as well as a reduction in administrative work and costs.

Frequent Site Visits

It takes more than believing that your staff is trained accurately in accomplishing the work assigned, using the proper equipment to save time and provide a quality cleaning service, and using the appropriate chemicals for the job. When was the last time that you spent time observing your team, to ensure that they are actually performing the job accurately? It is important that you frequent the site to ensure the level of clean that is being provided is up to the standard that you have established. Be proactive on coaching your teams to enact the “get in, get out” cleaning approach. Having a systematic approach to cleaning established and in place, helps to improve the cleaning effectiveness, eliminates wasted time, and minimizes or eliminates stops and starts throughout a shift. When a cleaning crew is unmotivated, or loses concentration, the quality of work will decrease along with the efficiency of your cleaning crew.

If you are looking for local cleaning services that are reliable and efficient, look no further than Executive Cleaning Services! We have dedicated teams who are committed to providing an exceptionally high-quality level of clean regardless of the size of the job. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve the clean commercial space that you’ve always wanted!

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