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Nobody enjoys or wants to work in a dirty office environment. Not only does a dirty Shreveport office reflect badly on the company, it also puts the health and safety of the employees at risk. Banks, Educational Institutions, Corporate Offices, and other commercial structures need reputable commercial janitorial services to ensure a clean environment is provided for employees and customers alike. If this is your first time hiring a janitorial service, you probably have some questions.

What to expect from your Janitorial Services

The first thing to know when hiring professional janitorial services is that they typically provide all the necessary cleaning solutions and equipment that they will use to clean your office. Professional janitors have been trained in all the solutions and equipment that they will be using, this allows for them to provide a top quality clean every job, every time. As a business owner, having your janitorial service provide their own cleaning supplies will also save you time and money from having to purchase and supply all the cleaning materials.

After initially hiring a professional janitorial service, you should expect a walk-through of your business to identify which areas need to be cleaned, how often you require cleaning, the processes involved with cleaning your offices, and what cleaning agents will be used. After the initial walk-through, you should expect to receive a cleaning proposal for your review. This proposal allows you to review what areas of your office will be cleaned by the janitorial service, how often they will be cleaned, and what materials will be used to clean them. If there is anything that you requested not on the proposal, now is the time to let your janitorial services know.

Services Offered by Commercial Janitorial Services

Every commercial janitorial service should provide you with a quality service, worthy of what you paid. Regardless of your needs or special request, all commercial cleaning services should be guaranteed and insured. But, not all janitorial services in Shreveport are the same. While they are all unique and different in their own ways, each one should use commercial-grade equipment and cleaning solutions designed to procure optimum results.

Typical services included with most commercial cleaning services include: dusting air vents and ceiling fans, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms. Depending on your needs other services that might be included are: cleaning kitchen areas, kitchen appliances, and cafeterias. While every business is different and has different requests and needs, its best to consult with your new cleaning service to discuss exactly what services you can expect to receive.

Choosing Janitorial Services

No two janitorial services are the same. When looking for the best janitorial service for your business there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You want to hire a janitorial service that is reliable, does quality work, and is affordable. Pricing will vary from company to company, along with the value of the work, but be sure not to sacrifice quality of your janitorial cleaning simply based on price.

Before hiring a janitorial service, be sure to research each company you are considering. Read other customer reviews, and ask for references when possible. It’s better to learn early on if your janitorial service will be reliable before trusting your cleaning needs to someone who might not always show up.

As a business owner in Shreveport you won’t have to worry about paying too much while sacrificing quality. With Executive Cleaning Services, we guarantee affordable pricing, reliable janitorial services. With a cleaning package that is fully customized to fit your business needs, we guarantee you won’t find a better janitorial service around!

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