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Knowing how to clean an office almost seems like it should be second nature to a commercial cleaning company, which is why when so many cleaning services get it wrong, it is perplexing! Just because everyone can purchase cleaning supplies doesn’t necessarily mean that they are professionals. But taking the time to vet check the professionals from those who are not professionals can be taxing and time-consuming. When you do find a decent cleaning service, it is way too easy for service that started out alright to slip into something closer to mediocrity. And having a high turnover of new cleaning members can get in the way of having and maintaining a clean office. There are many obstacles to overcome when searching for the right office cleaning service. Finding the cleaning service that will benefit your facility won’t be effortless, but the end results will be worth the effort.

More Than a Clean Office

Everyone appreciates having a clean office to come to work in everyday, but a clean office is more than just the aesthetics and image. Having a clean office to work in can have a measurable impact on important aspects of your business, such as productivity, employee absence, employee engagement, and profits. When you neglect to provide a clean working environment, there is a ripple effect among employees and your bottom line. The way your office looks sets the standard and expectation for everything else in your business. A clean office tells your employees that you expect an elevated level of performance, while telling your customers that you care about details and are professional.

A clean office that is regularly cleaned and maintained will have a ripple effect on those who work in the office. Employees that work in a clean office are more likely to take their own time to tidy up after themselves, maintaining a clean desk and personal space. Employees who work in a clean environment are more productive and enjoy coming to work. A well-maintained workplace has significant beneficial influence on employee retention and satisfaction. A clean office space also reflects a sense of reliability, quality and trust to customers.

Finding a reputable Cleaning Company

One of the challenges in hiring a commercial cleaning company is finding the right one. The market is inundated with “commercial office cleaning” companies, who make their promises sounds good, but in reality, don’t live up to them.. With all of the startup companies, mom and pop companies, local and national chains, small, medium, and large franchises, no wonder it’s hard to find the right cleaning company for your organization. As with any industry, some of the many commercial cleaning options available are good at what they do, while a good many others are not. One way to determine if the company you are considering is reputable or not is to look at their established service record and reputation for consistent, reliable service.

Being a good cleaning service is one thing, but providing great service alongside quality cleaning services is another. Just as with any other industry, to be successful requires planning and strategy. The best customer service is built on plans of guaranteeing reliability through accountability. Everyone wants to be great at what they do, but wanting to be great isn’t enough. A good commercial cleaning service will have a plan to be great.

Executive Cleaning Services knows what it takes to offer the best office cleaning service around. From the attention given to the smallest of details, to the personal care and attention that goes into each job, you’ll see the difference that a reputable cleaning service can provide. Taking the time to research and find the best cleaning service around will be worth the time invested, when your office is clean, welcoming, and inviting to all who come into your facility. Not only will your customers notice and appreciate a clean facility, but your employees will also be more inclined to come to work every day and be productive. A clean office will be a great investment for your employees and the future of your business.

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