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Now that it’s summer, the days are longer, and you finally have time to take stock of your office cleaning service. Do you want to renew your contract with your janitorial service, or do you need to start looking for a new office cleaning company? No matter the case, you want to get the most from your cleaning service and keep your office looking fresh and cool in the summer months. The first step is to arm yourself with the best information to ensure that you will continue to receive consistent, responsive, and affordable office cleaning services. Here are three benefits that can be made available to you from changing your cleaning service.

  1. Better Pricing and Quoting

Changing your cleaning service might mean better, clearer pricing. When choosing a new one, make sure that the overall price is transparent and straightforward. Your cleaning service should be clear on what services that your office needs and exactly what services they will be providing you. A detailed cleaning quote not only reassures you that all of your needs will be met and that you will stay in your price range, but also gives you a level of reliability and accountability for your cleaning service to live up to.  If your current cleaning service isn’t following though or doing the work that you’ve been promised, it means that it’s time to cut ties.

  1. Cleaner Employee Work Areas

Most office cleaning services won’t pick up and clean trash around your employees’ workplaces.  This is a standard policy that allows employees to focus on their work, and not have to fret too much about office maintenance, but doesn’t relieve them completely of tidying up their work areas.  Summer is the perfect time for a vacation, but it’s also the perfect time to make your employees focus on making up for a skipped spring cleaning. Instruct your employees to organize and clean up their desks before they leave for a prolonged trip, and even before they leave for the day.  This allows your cleaning service to do a more thorough job and not have to worry about dusting around papers or trudging thorough piles of paperwork to reach an office trashcan.

  1. Protection From Seasonal Allergies

Summer is a time when many are focused on having fun and getting the maximum enjoyment out of the warmer, longer days and cool nights, but it’s less enjoyable for those with allergies.  Employees that suffer from summer allergies can be affected by the lack of cleaning by an office cleaning service more than any other.  The best and most effective office cleaning companies should be making the health of your employees a priority.  They can reduce the allergens and irritants that are in your office through their thorough vacuuming and dusting. You can also have them routinely deep-clean the carpets however often you wish.

Don’t let summer be the reason that your office cleaning service starts slacking. Making sure that you have clear outlines and expectations for your cleaning crew can keep your office’s appearance and the health of your employees on track. If you are unsatisfied with your current cleaning service, finally enjoy summer by having the high-quality cleaning of Executive Clean in your office.  Call us today to get a quote and set up your service!

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