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According to the Denver post over 101,000 people moved to Denver in 12 months alone. [1] To get a better picture of the changing population, we supplemented this analysis with data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

There are a number of reasons why new residents might be flocking to the city of Denver, including abundant job opportunities and, for many, a relatively affordable cost of living. Those moving to Denver from cities like Los Angeles and New York – particular renters – will find congestion and mess accumulation in the mile-high city to be a cumbersome task.

As Denver continues to evolve and attract new employee bases, it will likely struggle to maintain quality commercial cleaning services that it will inevitably necessitate. As in many other cities that have experienced similar growth, like Chicago and Seattle, it is important for the city does what is necessary to plan for the future and make sure that Denver remains an effective and efficient place to do business.

Executive Cleaning Services has seen expansive population growth in many of its service areas and is dedicated to maintaining the same level of services across the board, regardless of demand. They guarantee they will deliver customer satisfaction and meet the needs and requirements of all of their valued clients.

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