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Gym Cleaning Services for Fitness Facilities

Keep your gym and fitness facility disinfected and looking its best with our reliable & affordable commercial cleaning services.
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A Reliable & Low-Cost Gym Cleaning Company

At Executive Cleaning Services, we work with hundreds of local Gyms, Franchises, Activity Centers, Sports Arenas to ensure the sanitary compliance of the facility is maintained. We take the time to clean each health and fitness center to protect the health and safety of all patrons. We pride ourselves in our deep-cleaning janitorial services that work after hours to ensure that locker rooms, showers, and workout equipment is cleaned and ready for the constant flow of patrons the next day. We work behind the scenes to provide a clean environment for patrons to work on their personal health and fitness goals.

For those who spend large or even small amounts of time at fitness centers and health clubs, it is important that they are not at risk of attracting germs, bacteria and diseases from other patrons via unclean equipment or facilities. Trusting the cleaning and maintenance needs of a gym, fitness center or health club to a company with a proven track record that understands the sanitary, decontamination & special cleaning protocols is the key to ensuring that patrons of a fitness center have an enjoyable experience, without having to worry about the cleanliness of the facilities.
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Complete Janitorial Solutions customized to meet your Fitness Center facility needs and requirements!
Fitness Center Cleaning

Complete Gym & Fitness Facility Cleaning Services!

From gyms, yoga studios, large fitness centers, franchises, crossfit boxes, ballet studios, Martial Arts studios and anything in between, we work with you to customize cleaning service that caters to your needs, requirements and expectations of you and your patrons. We understand that first impressions count, so we’re ready to provide your facility the janitorial services it needs to stay clean, hygienic, smelling fresh, replenished with bathroom supplies, from the inside to the parking lot!

Specialized Floor Cleaning for Gyms, Activity Centers, Fitness Facilities of all types!

Not all “floor cleaning companies” are able to handle the special needs of a gym / fitness facility. At Executive Cleaning Services, we have a specialized floor cleaning program that caters to gyms, activity centers, and fitness facilities.

Day Porters for the most demanding fitness centers!

We understand some gyms and fitness facilities are demanding, and need to be serviced full-time. We are able to provide custom janitorial cleaning services with day porters to help you maintain a professional, clean, fresh-smelling and attractive presence for your patrons.

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Fitness Center

Professionals in Gym Cleaning & Fitness Facility Maintenance!

Hundreds of local gyms, activity centers and fitness facilities rely on Executive Clean to put their best foot forward in business.
  • 41 Years of experience, setting the industry standard
  • Commitment to providing the highest quality of cleaning services available
  • Day and night cleaning options available to best meet your needs
  • Professionally trained cleaning experts with access to the most efficient cleaning equipment and products available
  • Experience in providing professional cleaning services for all industries
  • Reputation as the best local cleaning company around
  • Priority in providing a clean work environment for you and your building
  • Determination to provide you the highest quality of clean for you and your patrons

Local. Risk Free. Guaranteed.
Executive Cleaning Services, LLC is responsible for helping these businesses and organizations put their best foot forward every day, rain or shine.
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