How ECS San Diego Disinfecting Services Helps Keep Your Office Safe

by | Dec 3, 2021 | San Diego

To help business owners feel safer, ECS San Diego has launched a new disinfecting service. This aims to help business owners keep their office environment healthy and virus-free. But how do ECS San Diego disinfecting services help keep your office safe?

Here is some of the information you should know about the new service and how it will help keep your office building safe.

What is disinfecting, and why is it necessary in a workspace?

Disinfecting is the act of killing germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. Sanitizing and disinfecting areas within your office building is vital to reduce the risk of spreading harmful germs.

Disinfecting workspaces also reduces the risk of sickness among employees. A virus could make many people sick, and its unseen presence remains a threat that can cause employees to miss work. And absences become a significant expense for businesses that depend on their employees.

Thus, your business needs to keep your office environment clean and virus-free.

What are the risks of not disinfecting your office and commercial facilities?

Businesses that do not disinfect run the risk of having employees catch germs and viruses. These germs and viruses could be harmful to both employees and customers.

Some viruses can stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours. This increases the risk of exposure to people who enter your office building in that time frame.

The importance of routine cleaning and disinfection services in the workplace cannot be overstated. This is especially true of high-traffic areas such as the lobby, the elevator, and restrooms.

It’s best to eliminate germs and viruses from these areas. Doing so ensures the health and safety of everyone who visits or works for your company.

How will ECS San Diego Disinfecting Services help to keep your workplace safe?

The key to keeping your office building safe is preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. We do this best by disinfecting your office building, most especially the common areas.

People frequently come into contact with other people or surfaces in these places. So, keeping common areas clean and disinfected is critical to stopping viruses.

ECS San Diego has designed a disinfection service just perfect for disinfecting high-traffic public areas in your office building.

Trained cleaning professionals will use ECS San Diego’s proprietary cleaning solution in elevators, lobby bathrooms, stairwells, vending machines, and lobbies.

One of the services ECS San Diego offers is advanced surface disinfection involving state-of-the-art surface and EPA-registered disinfectants. The service is designed to help business owners reduce the risk of exposure to harmful germs and viruses.

How often will areas be disinfected under the new disinfection service?

The frequency of disinfection has been designed to meet the specific needs of your business, but based on experience and best practices, ECS San Diego recommends disinfecting the office once every two weeks.

ECS San Diego’s experts offer a service request schedule to businesses who want to disinfect offices with low traffic. It is also available to those who want to ensure their office building is safe. While businesses with high-traffic areas can book a weekly service plan.

Why choose ECS San Diego?

ECS San Diego has been in business for over 40 years. We have the resources and expertise necessary to ensure that your office building is safe from harmful germs and viruses.

Our professional office cleaners are trained to use the most up-to-date methods of disinfection. We will ensure that every surface in your office space is thoroughly sanitized to lower the risk of virus and bacteria transmission. Also, our staff is trained to remove germs and viruses the right way, safely. 

We also believe that this new service will reduce the costs of maintaining your office building. Costs associated with medical care and lost productivity should be reduced by reducing the risk of employees getting sick.

How is the disinfection service priced?

We offer various plans depending on your commercial cleaning and disinfection needs. Businesses that sign up for a yearly contract will be able to purchase a special, discounted price. The cost of each plan is specially designed to meet the needs of office buildings of all sizes and budgets.

Contact us at 1-800-664-6393 for more information on how our disinfecting services in San Diego, CA, can keep your office building safe.

We are happy to come and give you a free estimate of much it will cost to have our staff disinfect your office spaces.