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The Weather In San Diego

San Diego has the reputation of having beautiful weather all year round. Obviously, each season comes with particular impacts, temperature changes that add or take away to how you can experience the City and all it has to offer. We’ll be sharing with you our findings on how the weather is in San Diego through each different season. Take note all information gathered here comes from different online sources such as community journals and resident feedback.

The Winter San Diego Weather

Winter in San Diego takes effect from December to February. However, this winter does not depict the traditional one. Its average temperature is about 60s with lows of 40s. Usually, temperature drop takes place late in the night and early in the morning. Hence, it is not an actual winter weather condition.

Unfortunately, this is not the right time for any tourist. The months are marred with frequent rains all through. Furthermore, the ocean waters get so cold. Hence, any attempt to swim will get you shivering. For those who are brave enough to visit, will enjoy low hotel rates. Myself I will not attempt to visit San Diego with such harsh weather conditions.

Springs in San Diego

It sets in right from March all the way to May. During this time, the weather is usually mild. Temperatures averaging to 60s are experienced. Generally, there are fewer visitors strolling on the streets of San Diego. Do not expect to see the sun at this time of the year. However, for flower lovers, it might be the best time to visit. Since they won’t hesitate to admire the Coronado flower as it blossoms. This is with no doubt one of the best times to visit San Diego.

San Diego Summers

Usually, it occurs at the beginning of June into some parts of September. It provides a warm weather, perfect for tourists to visit. Normally temperatures average at about 70s. Hence, providing a suitable weather condition to host a number of festivals. As a result, hotel rates tend to escalate during this time of the year. In fact, hotels get sold out in a very short time. Therefore, in case you are planning on visiting, you should make early hotel bookings.

Summer in San Diego will give you a chance to see the sun. From then, you will be able to enjoy basking in the sandy beaches. No wonder, many visitors are seen trickling into San Diego at this time of the year. The tourism industry significantly booms, generating more revenue.

Businesses love in San Diego benefit highly from the excess traffic, visitors and the mood of residents during the summer. At Executive Cleaning Services, we tend to have some of the busiest months helping commercial facilities stay clean with our Janitorial services in San Diego.

Autumns in San Diego

As summer gradually fades away in early September, Autumn comes by. It normally takes effect until the end of November. Also, it provides perfect weather conditions for anyone wishing to visit San Diego. Temperature normally averages at highs of 70s. However, as October and November draw by, tourist numbers begin to drop. This then stimulates a significant drop in hotel rates.

In Conclusion

San Diego offers beautiful scenery, attractions, and it it’s rated a spectacular city to visit with the right weather conditions. Before you travel, find the season that suits you best. Preferably, summer and Autumn is packed with so much fun, lots more outdoor activities and enjoy everything San Diego has to offer, really.

Weather is a significant consideration whenever you intend to visit a place. That is why, a weather forecasting department is in place, to enlighten us on the impending weather condition. These weather forecasts educate us on the necessary outfits we need to wear and carry. In readiness, to combat the weather of the destination we intend to visit.

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