How to Choose the Right Cleaning Company for Your Medical Office

by | May 24, 2021 | Medical Facility Cleaning

Choosing the Right Cleaning Company for Your Medical Facility

If you are a medical office manager, it’s likely that the health of your patients is at the top of your priority list. You want to make sure they are getting the best care possible and in an environment that meets all sanitary standards. How do you know if your current cleaning company is doing everything they can to meet these needs? What should you look for when choosing a new company? What questions should you be asked during interviews with potential companies? We’ll go over some things that will help guide this decision-making process for you below.

1. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Medical Facility?

Hospital-Grade Cleaning Products

Bleach alone may not be effective in eliminating all types of bacteria and viruses found in healthcare facilities. A professional medical cleaning service uses strong chemicals to ensure all bacteria are removed and your facility is up to standard. 

Patient Satisfaction

A clean, sterile medical office inspires confidence in patients and leaves a positive impression. Providing a germ-free environment to your patients improves their overall experience, which garners a positive reputation for the facility. 

Specialists in Healthcare Cleaning

Medical facility cleaning services receive special training on how to clean medical facilities. A professional cleaning team will sanitize your facility to keep everyone at your medical office, patients and staff alike, safe and healthy.


Hiring a professional cleaning service specializing in medical facilities will save you more money in the long run. They know how to clean well while providing a high-quality, affordable service. 

2. How to Choose a Cleaning Company That Is Right for You

To truly get the most value for your money, it’s crucial to know how to choose a medical office cleaning company that you can trust. The strong credibility and positive reputation of a company are one of the biggest determining factors before hiring a professional cleaning company.

Check the Background of the Cleaning Service

Research is important when deciding whether a cleaning service is trustworthy and up to standard. Besides price and service comparisons, reviews from their previous clients can provide insight into their reputation and service quality. We want you to feel confident in your decision when it comes time to choose a cleaning service.

Review Their Cleaning Process

What are their cleaning procedures? How does their cleaning system work? Do they know the difference between cleaning a medical business and other businesses? The medical cleaning service you choose should be able to offer a comprehensive and flexible plan that will meet your facility’s unique needs.

Inquire About Insurance

Do they have insurance to protect their employees in case of an injury? Professional cleaning companies will have liability insurance so you will not be liable for any bodily injury claims or property damage. To protect your business, you should confirm that the cleaning company you choose will have the necessary insurance. 

Inquire About Compliance

Are they compliant with accreditation organizations? A professional medical cleaning company should have certifications acknowledged by healthcare organizations, such as OSHA or the CDC, to prove that they are qualified for medical-grade cleaning. 

3. The Importance of Having An Annual Contract With Your Chosen Company 

As with any professional business agreement, cleaning contracts with your medical cleaning company will lay out the expectations of both parties and provide you with protection. The contract should include the following details:

Contact Information, License, and Insurance Information

These details are necessary for verifying the legitimacy of the cleaning company. Additionally, having extensive contact and insurance information can help with accountability in case of an accident.

Payment Details

Payment details include the cost of services, payment method, and payment schedule. Having this information documented in a contract allows for full transparency and minimal confusion.

Details of Services Provided

Your contract with your cleaning company should include a detailed list of the medical office cleaning services provided to set an agreed-upon expectation. A few examples of these details include what needs to be cleaned, the type of cleaning, the appropriate chemicals required, and a cleaning schedule.

4. Tips On How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment in Your Medical Facility

Being a medical business, you need to ensure that every corner is properly cleaned and disinfected with appropriate chemicals to avoid cross-contamination and possible infections. There are steps to take to maintain a clean office or facility when your cleaning service isn’t available. 

Wash Your Hands

Wash or sanitize your hands before, during, and after patient care, using the restroom, eating, touching charts and medical equipment, etc. Always cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, then wash your hands. 

Sanitize Surfaces Throughout the Work Day

Using antiseptic cleansers or wipes, clean off doorknobs, handles, countertops, sinks, light switches, computers, equipment, and other items you constantly use. 

Stay Home When Sick

Any employee who is feeling unwell should be encouraged to stay home until they have recovered or are fever-free for 24 hours.

5. Questions You Should Ask When Interviewing Potential Janitorial Companies 

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they perform background checks on their employees? 
  • How do they train their employees? 
  • What kind of hours do they work?
  • What is their cleaning process?
  • What kind of certifications do they hold?

6. Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Cleaning Company, Including What Type of Equipment They Use and Their Experience Level

When deciding on a cleaning company, the most important things to consider include the cleaning equipment they use and their certifications.

The chemicals they use should be industrial-grade to kill off bacteria and viruses. How much training do they have for cleaning medical facilities? What certifications do they have? Ensure that they carry liability insurance to protect their employees. 

A Medical Cleaning Service Like No Other

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Executive Cleaning Services is a reputable family-owned company that offers 24-hour service to medical businesses across the nation. From janitorial services to sterilizing medical equipment, they are committed to delivering high-quality service to your business.

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