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As a Kalamazoo, Michigan business owner, you know just how important image and representation are to customers and ultimately the success or failure of your business. When customers walk into your business for the first time, they will develop a first impression about your business and service. Customers quickly scan a store and notice if you are tidy and neat or messy and disorderly, which might be a determining factor for making a purchase or not.

If it is important to you that your business makes a good first impression on all current and future customers, then you need to trust your cleaning needs to the experts. Commercial cleaning services need to extend past the obvious restrooms, lobbies, and trash cans. Having a well-maintained floor can have a positive effect on a customer’s impression. Hiring professional floor cleaning services that take the time to ensure every aspect of your flooring reflects the hard work you put into keeping your business going will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Whether you have carpet, tile or laminate floors, clean flooring can negatively or positively affect your business reputation!

Carpet Cleaning: neglecting carpet cleaning can result in permeant damage to your carpet. Carpet that is not well maintained can cause fraying and wear more quickly, eventually leading to having to be replaced sooner than carpet that is cleaned and maintained. Whether you work in an industrial environment that tracks dirt, debris, and other messy remnants through your carpeted areas, or you have high volume foot traffic that brings in dust and debris, regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet can help keep your office looking clean and professional.

Floor Maintenance & Repair: Tile and laminate flooring are easier to clean than carpet, but require just as much maintenance and repair, if not more. Tile and laminate can get scuffs marks and scratches from rolling chairs, rearranging furniture or displays. Having a professional floor cleaning service perform repairs and maintenance on your hard floor surfaces, can have your floors looking like new! Taking the time to pay attention to the details for your floor, such as, stripping and resealing or cleaning the grout between the tiles, can give a great first impression of your business.

At Executive Cleaning Services, we have the knowledge and the know how to give your Kalamazoo business the floor cleaning services that it deserves. We are proud to provide our clients with the highest level of commercial floor cleaning in the industry. Your floors will never have looked better, then with Executive Cleaning Services! Contact us today to get stated on having your floors reflect your business!

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