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Rochester is the third most popular cities in the New York state. The town has a population of over 210,000 residents. Between 2002-2015, the city recorded a decline of 5% in people compared to 4% increment of the state and increase of 14% nationwide. The population of Rochester NY can be said to be an aging one. From the records, 17% decline in age group 85years and above was recorded over the period. Age group 60 and 84 there was an increment of 18%. All the other age groups declined over that time. It should be noted that Monroe is the most significant county in Rochester that accounts for 62% of the total population. Since 2002, this county has become the most ethnically and racially diverse.


Rochester NY is located close to an array of captivating natural phenomena. The vast Lake Ontario and the Genesee River flow through the city. This city was known to be the biggest manufacturer of flour in the United States. Today it is a different case. Though it grew from four industries, today is best known for its exciting atmosphere that sees a large number of performances, exhibitions, and festivals that are held every year. The region is having beautiful attractions for all tastes and ages. Whenever you are moving around, you cannot fail to see art galleries, zoos museums or even breweries. An example of the beautiful scenes is the Highland Park. This place is lovely. The Park is famous for its gorgeous landscaping and its arboretum. The conventional plants being are Japanese Maples and signature lilacs. The flora is just impressive, and it makes the park look beautiful. Annual flower festi vals are held in the park. During the celebrations, historical and cultural monuments are also showcased. Rochester NY has become a center traveler destination just from its humble beginning as a flour supplier.


Several good colleges in the city of Rochester offer quality education. The ranking of universities is determined by different factors; the acceptance rate of the school, the graduation rate, return on investment as well as the net price. From these elements,
University of Rochester is the most popular known university in the city.it. It is among the best colleges that
offer quality veteran studies. The school is among the national universities that offer doctorate engineering programs. It has an undergraduate enrollment of 6,386. The undergraduate programs that are offered include the department of political science, department of economics, Hajim school of engineering and applied sciences among other applications. The university provides students a tuition-free semester or even allows the students to study their topics of interest apart from the major ones. Another college is the Institute of technology Rochester. This is a private doctoral university that is located in Henrietta town in Rochester.It incorporates nine colleges which include RIT college of science, RIT college of liberal sciences, National Technical Institute for the Deaf among other universities. The college is among the few that offer engineering programs in New York. Other colleges include Nazareth, Sunny Brockport, and St. John Fisher college. These schools are among that offer quality education both in New York and world wide.


According to the Greatest Rochester Enterprise president and CEO, Rochester has a robust pool of people interested
and willing to compete for available wages. This has enabled the city to compete with other towns efficiently. GRE is among the business enterprises that have contributed to the economic growth Rochester. They provide business leaders with resources. Therefore, business people can be able to expand the city Availability of skilled labor is an advantage to the town of Rochester. Quality services are given and thus quality output. Peterson says “we see a significant stream of activity from companies in the industry sectors that are real strengths for our region, most notably food and beverage production, advanced manufacturing and energy.”

This shows that the issue of unemployment is taken care of. The annual RBJ power breakfast is usually head to discuss how business people view the local economy and come up with the future of Rochester’s business climate. These meetings are essential since challenges are identified an solutions given.

Executive Cleaning Services has been very fortunate to offer commercial cleaning services in Rochester since 1976,. “We’ve seen the growth in this economic enviroment, and can’t wait to see what the future holds”. Alysa M.

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