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While there are several elements that can go into Jacksonville janitorial services, there are 4 main components that you shouldn’t go without. Many commercial cleaning services will have standard services that can be fully customized to meet your needs. Whether you need full service during the day, or a good deep cleaning every night, plans are customizable to what is best for you. When discussing with your janitorial services Jacksonville, be sure that these four elements are included in your services:

  1. Restroom Sanitation

This one might seem to be a no-brainer, but regular restroom maintenance and sanitation is arguably the most important service that your janitor can provide.

  1. Trash Removal

Those who have asked employees to take out their trash when they are starting to get full they realize how big of a struggle that can be. Some employees are happy to comply, while others will ignore the problem completely, hoping that someone else will empty their trash for them. For the latter, a full-service janitor will be happy to do it! Taking out the trash is one of the main job functions that a janitor will perform daily while cleaning your office.

  1. Carpet Cleaning

Businesses that see more foot traffic than most will begin to show the effects of all of those shoes on the floor. Regular foot traffic can track in all sorts of dirt and debris that, if left untreated, can cause damage to your carpet, resulting in a shorter lifespan. Leaving spills untreated can result in permanent stains, which can also have a negative impact on your company image.

  1. Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one service that many businesses overlook, when thinking about hiring a cleaning service. While it may not initially seem like it, window cleaning can make an enormous difference in your workspace. Clean windows can have a positive impact on the overall aesthetic of your office, while allowing for a clear view outside for your employees. It is recommended that you have your windows cleaned whenever they look dirty, or after a storm moves through.

Executive Cleaning Services has a team of dedicated janitor professionals, who are committed to providing quality services that you can see and trust. From large Jacksonville corporate offices to small mom-and-pop shops, our janitors are equipped to provide you with the cleaning services that you’d expect to receive from a team of dedicated professionals! Contact us today to get started on giving your office the cleaning that you, your employees, and your customers deserve!

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