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When you have a Hartford office space of any kind, whether it’s a corporate office or a retail store, you will probably also have a restroom. The main difference between office restrooms and public restrooms is the number of toilets and sinks that need to be cleaned and maintained. Even a simple degree of restroom sanitation is required to provide a clean and healthy work space for employees and customers. At Executive Cleaning Services, we believe that restroom cleaning and maintenance is a task that should be outsourced to a professional janitorial service. Here are five reasons why we believe you and your Hartford business will benefit from coming to us for your restroom cleaning needs.

  • Unappealing to your own staff..

Nobody likes to clean the bathroom. Most individuals consider cleaning their own restrooms at home a daunting task, and dread it every week. The thought of cleaning several restrooms at work can lead to disgruntled and unhappy employees. Leave it to us instead!

  • More hygienic.

Improperly cleaned restrooms can be unsanitary, resulting in potential health problems for employees. Having an untrained individual or team clean restrooms generally means inadequate cleaning, leaving . unseen germs and grime.

  • We provide quality work.

A professional janitorial service will be trained in the proper way to clean a restroom. Professionals who clean restrooms daily will know the best cleaning products to use, the correct order in which to clean, and the most time-efficient method of cleaning and sanitizing restrooms.

  • Separate scheduling from your busy day.

Having a cleaning company whose only responsibility is to provide you with clean restrooms can save a lot of hassle. Trying to schedule time into your employees’ already busy days to clean means that something else gets neglected. Most employees do not anticipate having to add “clean restrooms” to their job description. Therefore, time allocated to do so is not planned into a busy schedule. Professionals who are hired to come in don’t interfere with your schedule in the slightest.

  • Happier workers.

Because restrooms are considered a personal space, most employees would feel uncomfortable having to clean up after their coworkers. By outsourcing your restroom cleaning needs, you’ll take a weight off your employee’s shoulders, and promote happiness by not having to clean up after each other. Not only this, but your staff will be much happier using a tidy bathroom, rather than a grimy, dirty one infested with germs.

If you’d like to learn more about how Executive Cleaning Services janitorial can be a valuable asset to your Hartford business, contact us today!

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