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Hiring The Right Cleaning Services Company in Los Angeles

Your cleaning services in Los Angeles can keep your office in tip-top shape, but did you know that they probably have more information than you’re aware of? Cleaning crews are usually the first to discover or see signs of larger maintenance issues. When these signs become full-blown issues, it can become a stressful and costly situation.  After each cleaning visit makes sure to ask these three question to see if there are any maintenance risks to your facility.

  1. Are there any sign of pests?
    • Mice, ants, termites all leave clues behind. You’re cleaning crew has more than likely seen these signs and cleaned up after them, but sometimes you need more than that.  If there is sign of one, it usually means that there is more coming from somewhere outside the building. If you have pest in your building, don’t hesitate to call an exterminator, and keep an eye out in the future to prevent an unwelcome return.
  2. Are there signs of water damage?
    • Water damage is no joke to buildings, even just a slow leaky pipe can have devastating effects on your building, and can be anything from structural damage to physical damage. At the first sign of water damage (including discoloration, puddles, or mold) call a plumber to save on potentially costly repairs.
  3. Are there any electrical issues?
    • With any electrical issues, there are a number of devastating consequences. Your workplace’s quality or comfort can be affected and make it uninviting, to your risk of fire and electronic malfunction increasing.  Getting a professional opinion on broken light switches, frayed wires, and damaged cords should be a top priority once discovered.

Once you communicate these questions to your cleaning services in Los Angeles, you can rest assured that not only will your office be cleaned to the highest standard, but that any outstanding issues will be noticed by a team of professionals.



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