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Executive Cleaning Services is proud to offer cleaning services in Los Angeles. Although best known for the Hollywood sign and the LA Dodgers, we in the cleaning industry also know that LA is atop the third largest oilfields in the country. (We also know that if you head over to the coroner office on your next stroll through town, your liable to find a great gift shop!)


Because we are 40 year veterans of the cleaning world, we can say without a doubt, we can handle the vast offerings LA has. From oilfield grime to the glistening reputation of Hollywood we are the premier provider of all of your cleaning needs.

We aren’t afraid of muck, and we aren’t afraid to shine.

Executive Cleaning Services offers up a barrage of cleaning solutions, and is happy to accommodate your needs and desires for a better work space. In addition to porter services, ECS also offers Janitorial services in Los Angeles as well as floor cleaning services. For an overview of our services, see our Services Page.

Make sure when your clients and your employees enter your work space, they assimilate you to Hollywood and not oily grime. Your reputation is on the line, what would you like to be remembered for?

For all of your cleaning needs, please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to come to you to get a comprehensive overview of your project and provide you with an affordable cleaning service that you love.

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We serve all Los Angeles and all California!

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Our services are in full compliance with SBA of Los Angeles CA and LA Sanitation best practices.

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