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Summer is in full swing, which means that many restaurants have opened their patios and outside seating options for patrons to enjoy a fun dining experience. With the excitement and outdoor dining options available, how do you ensure that your outdoor seating areas remain clean, and that they provide your patrons with an enjoyable experience that will give you rave reviews? Executive Clean, commercial janitorial services, shares four tips to help restaurants maintain their outdoor eating areas to provide guests with the clean environment they should expect!

  • Clean up entryways and awnings. After sitting all winter long, entryways and awnings need to be cleaned of dirt, debris, leaves, and other items that can leave your restaurant’s atmosphere looking less than spectacular! These are the areas that customers will see when first approaching a restaurant. Ensuring that they are clean will provide customers will a good first impression.
  • Clean glass and other smooth surfaces. Windows, doors, display cases, and tabletops should be kept clean and free of fingerprints. Check glass surfaces for chips and cracks, and quickly address any issues that are discovered to prevent injury or huge messes.
  • Keep dining areas clean. No one wants to try to enjoy a meal outside when the atmosphere is glaringly dirty. Check for spider webs, and sweep up leaves and litter. Clean off tables and umbrellas, while checking for any small critters, like spiders or insects, that might be lurking around.
  • Check lighting. Before opening your outdoor seating for the summer, ensure that all of the outdoor lighting works properly and is cleaned. Additionally, check for and clean the dust that might have accumulated on the lighting that could potentially land on a customer’s plate.

If you need help preparing and maintaining your outdoor eating areas, Executive Cleaning Services offers fully-equipped,  commercial cleaning services to help you put your best foot forward for your customers. We can help you maintain your indoor and outdoor dining areas to promote a clean and welcoming environment that will attract your clientele to return again and again! Contact us today, and let us make your restaurant the talk of the town this summer!

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