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All cleaning is not made equal, and we here at Executive Cleaning Services know this personally. Sometimes, the wrong technique can not only make a simple task harder, but can actually make your home dirtier.  While we here at Executive Clean know how to deal with nearly any cleaning task as an office cleaning service NYC, not everyone does.  We’ve put together a guide for the most common cleaning mistakes when you’re carrying out your own cleaning.

  • Overloading Your Dishwasher
    • Simple things, like putting too many utensils in the silverware basket, can impact your dishwasher’s ability to clean your dishes. Even stacking your dishes can impede the ability for it to clean thoroughly. But it can be hard to tell this if you are pre-washing your dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Washing Cutting Boards With Soap
    • Wooden chopping blocks shouldn’t be washed with regular dish soap. After using a wooden cutting board, they should be soaked in bleach to prevent cross-contamination, and to sanitize them.
  • Not Taking Care of Your Coffee Pot
    • Your coffee maker is a breeding ground for millions of bacteria. It’s a warm, wet environment that is perfect for growing them. Make sure to wash each individual part after every use, not just the pot. As an added bonus, your coffee will probably taste better!
  • Spraying Furniture Polish
    • Directly spraying polish onto furniture creates a buildup on the surface that attracts more dust, and is difficult to remove. The correct way to polish your furniture is to spray your cloth with the furniture polish, and then use the cloth to polish dusty surfaces.
  • Owning a Feather Duster
    • Feather dusters don’t actually trap any dust in them. They merely brush them from one surface to another. Use a material that traps dust and keeps it out of the air in your home, like a microfiber cloth.
  • Leaving Out Your Trash Can
    • Often, the unpleasant odor in your kitchen can be traced to your trashcan. If the smell still lingers after the trash has been taken out, you can blame the trash can itself. Your trashcan should be wiped down regularly, usually at least once a week, with a bleach cleaner.
  • Too Much Fabric Softener
    • While we all want to sleep on sheets that are soft and clean, using excess fabric softener can have the opposite effect. Too much fabric softener can make your fabrics stiff, scratchy, greasy, and even reduce your towels’ absorbency.
  • Not Hand-Scrubbing Your Blender
    • After a refreshing smoothie, you might be tempted to try the cleaning hack of just pouring warm water and soap into your blender, and turning it on. While this might give your blender the appearance of cleanliness, this isn’t nearly enough. You have to actually remove the blades and wash them independently to prevent buildup. The same goes for food processors and can openers as well.
  • Not Cleaning Your Vacuum
    • If your vacuum is dirty or full, all you end up doing when you try to use it is pushing dirt around, which isn’t a great use of your time.  If you own a bag-less or canister vacuum, empty it after every time you use it. If you do own a bag vacuum, replace it when it is one-third full, not completely full.

We hope these tips have helped you know how to better clean your home and belongings! And if your commercial office space could benefit from the services of Executive Clean, contact us today!

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