Why Do I Need Porter Services?

Have you ever walked into a dirty office building, grocery store or even an industrial site? Did it leave you feeling less than eager to shop, do business or work there? Executive porter services are designed to help your corporation stay clean, safe and well-maintained.

Porter services go beyond the standard sweeping, mopping and dusting. They are, in fact a preventative measure designed to help you maintain: Client/customer confidence, Property value, A clean/safe environment and to prevent costly repairs that can be ultimately avoided.

If you fail to maintain your commercial property properly, you invite dangerous conditions, unsightly issues, peeling paint, cobwebs, general disrepair and even the spread of illness and diseases. A fresh, clean environment will not only keep your clients, customers, and employees safer, it will keep them happier too. Porter services can do this for you.

While some cleaning and maintenance takes place when public facilities are closed and quiet, porters often work during times of particularly high traffic. Their services prevent a build-up of trash, dirt and other unsightly or unsafe conditions in a public environment.

Our executive porter services include (but are not limited to):

  • Trash removal
  • Product replacement in high-traffic areas
  • Spill clean-up
  • Dusting
  • Ongoing restroom maintenance
  • Sanitization
  • Window-washing
  • Minor painting
  • Keeping lobbies clean and complimentary publications in order
  • Accepting, checking and hanging coats, umbrellas, etc.

If you are not sure what services you need, we will help you identify challenging areas. Have some special requirements in mind? Just ask us! We have set out to keep your world clean.

Our porters are personable, professional, presentable and eager to serve you and the people you serve.

Malls to Stalls, No Job is Too Large or Too Small

Porter services go beyond picking things up and wiping things down. A porter might replace a screw in a loose cabinet, repair a chair in your restaurant, or fix peeling paint on a hotel wall.

Porters service the following types of buildings (but are certainly not limited to these):

  • Stores
  • Motels/Hotels
  • Offices
  • Food Courts
  • Malls
  • Tourism Sites
  • Salons

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