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Carpeting is one of the most expensive investments that you can make in your physical business location. Therefore, you want to protect your investment, and have it display your business in a positive light, by creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Part of your business image is the appearance of your office to both employees and customers. Even if clients never enter your office, having clean carpeting has a positive impact on your employees, as it provides a better-looking and more comfortable office for them to be productive in. Hiring professional carpet cleaning services can pay off in the long run when you can prolong the life of your office carpet!

Types of Office Environments

Every business office is different. Some host clients and customers all day, while others will only have an occasional customer. Other industries may never see the general public, but that doesn’t mean that they are exempt from having to maintain their carpets. Foot traffic, from both employees and customers, causes dirt build-up, and wears out the carpet over time.

Some office owners may not be concerned about how their carpet looks, due to infrequent public access. While the general public many not see your office carpet, your employees do. Employees pay attention to their work environment every day, and what they see matters.

If your office is attached to a manufacturing area, think about what debris could be tracked in from those floors to your office carpet. Unwanted dirt from oil, metal shavings, wood shavings, chemical residues, and more can become deposited in your carpet from simple foot traffic.

Vacuuming Alone Doesn’t Cut It

You might have a commercial cleaning service that vacuums your entire carpeted office space a couple of times a week. While regular vacuuming is a good start, it does not solve the problem of having dirty carpeting. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, to help prolong the life of the carpet, and to provide a clean office environment for your employees to work in.

Think about it. How many employees do you have working every day on average? Now add in eight or more hours a day, every day, of continual foot traffic from all of those employees. That is a lot of foot traffic, bringing in a lot of dirt! Everything that your vacuum does not pick up continues to set deeper into your carpet with all of those shoes walking on it constantly. This means that any abrasive or harmful particles, that get tracked in and not vacuumed up, get ground further into the fibers of your carpet, resulting in prematurely wearing it out. Abrasive particles are not the only elements harmful to your carpet. Spills and oily residue that are left untreated can become deeply set stains that will be noticed by customers and employees. Stained and dirty carpet will become part of the overall impression and image of your business.

While a cleaning service may be proficient at taking out the trash every day and dusting off the furniture, carpet will remain dirty without a professional deep cleaning service. Maintaining your carpets will convey to employees that you care, encouraging them to take better care of their personal spaces.

Health Concerns

Regular vacuuming is a good start, but even then, vacuuming may miss debris and liquid residue that gets left behind. It also does nothing to remove bacteria left in your carpets. Unaddressed liquid stains can lead to mold growth, and bacteria can cause health complications.

Bacteria can thrive in dirty carpets. In fact, your carpet could contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch! Not only can carpets be home to bacteria, viruses, including the stomach flu, can also be found in your carpets. Failure to keep and maintain clean carpets can result in employee illnesses. Neglecting to have your carpets professionally cleaned can not only affect your employee’s health, but also that of any customers who frequent your establishment.

Odors and allergens are also known to build up in carpets that are not regularly cleaned. Professional carpet cleaning removes the source of odors and allergenics, instead of just masking them. Help to keep your office image positive with regular professional carpet cleaning services, from a reputable and qualified cleaning company! Executive Cleaning Services has experienced professionals, who are trained in the latest and best carpet cleaning methods. We will ensure that you carpet looks its best after every cleaning. Protect your investment, and your employees, by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service today!

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