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When the common cold or flu strikes the office, it is bound to make the rounds, infecting everyone and everything in its path. This generally results in less production due to sick days, making it harder for management to reach pre-established goals.

Germs and sicknesses don’t just magically appear on your employees. They are transferred from unwashed surfaces like doorknobs, counters, and even computer keyboards. Because employees are more likely to pick up sicknesses from the workspace, it is essential to have and maintain a clean office building to protect your employees from getting sick. This is where a professional janitorial service comes into play. There is more to cleaning and maintaining an office building than wiping down counters, and occasionally vacuuming the carpets. A janitorial service main duty is to ensure that you and your employees are safe from sickness.

A professional cleaning company with trained janitors understands what is required to really clean an office, in order to prevent germs from spreading and infecting employees. Professional cleaning crews are trained to use the right chemicals for the right amount of time to produce the best results, leaving your building truly clean, and employees feeling great all year round! Every cleaning chemical has a dwell-time listed on the label, which is the required amount of time for the chemical to sit on a surface in order to kill germs and provide the best results. If your in-house cleaning crew is simply spraying cleaning solutions and wiping them away immediately, there is not enough time for the chemicals to even begin to kill germs!

There is more that goes into truly cleaning an office space than just the chemicals that are used. Commercial cleaning professionals will be equipped with the necessary supplies and equipment to provide a thorough and deep-clean job. Good cleaning professionals use modern, state-of-the-art materials, like microfiber. Whether in a mop or a cloth, microfiber is designed to trap dust and particles to ensure that they are removed, rather than just spread around. HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter vacuums are also an essential component that a good commercial cleaning crew should be equipped with. HEPA filters must retain all particles .3 or larger at an efficiency rating of 99.97%.

When trusting your commercial cleaning needs to professionals, you can relax knowing that the level of cleaning being provided goes more than just surface-deep. Professional janitorial services know what is required to maintain a clean and healthy building that will protect your employees’ health. Executive Cleaning Services has the knowledge, equipment, and supplies necessary to ensure that your building is healthy and safe for everyone! Contact us today to find out what a real professional cleaning service can do for you! We guarantee the best level of cleaning for your business’s location!

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