Revitalize Your Workspace: Transforming Offices That Need Cleaning

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Office Cleaning

Every business should maintain a clean workspace, especially offices. Employees, clients, and vendors are more productive and appreciate being in clean, well-organized spaces. Unfortunately, leaving employees responsible for offices that need cleaning can cause more problems than it solves.

It’s reasonable to expect your workers to keep their desks free of trash and clutter. Still, many areas within an office building require daily, weekly, and monthly attention that employees don’t have time to provide along with their work obligations. That’s why many business owners and office managers turn to qualified commercial cleaners.

If you’re ready to transform your office into a thriving work site that optimizes organization and superior cleanliness, here are some ways that professional cleaning services for your office can revitalize your workspace.

Why Do Businesses Need Clean Workspaces?

When people enter an office building, one of the first things they notice is how clean the space is. Businesses that come off as dirty, unorganized, or generally unkempt can give people the impression that the owners, managers, and staff don’t care about their reputation or customers. People may also assume that the business lacks experience and credibility.

Offices that need cleaning can also affect workers and their productivity. Untidy workstations and conference rooms can limit workers’ ability to finish tasks effectively and on time. They could even suffer from low morale if lobbies, bathrooms, breakrooms, and other communal spaces don’t have regular cleanings.

An unfortunate consequence of a lack of cleanliness is a pest infestation. Rodents, drain flies, and cockroaches seek shelters that provide access to food. The cleaner an office building is, the more unlikely it is to have a pest problem that could cause additional complications for the business, like:

  • Additional productivity disruptions
  • Increased risk of disease transmission
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Chewed wires, papers, and other office materials

Difference Between Industrial Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Many offices utilize janitorial services to keep things tidy, but they aren’t the same as commercial cleaning services. Janitors deal primarily with small daily cleaning and maintenance tasks like removing trash and vacuuming. Industrial office cleaners perform those same duties as well as more detailed cleaning services across the entire office.

For instance, commercial porters vacuum daily and provide deep carpet cleaning services every few months, while janitors stick to regular vacuuming. Commercial cleaning companies have a higher sanitation standard to ensure entire office buildings are well-maintained.

The deep, detailed cleanings that commercial or industrial office cleaners provide keep germs, bacteria, and other microbes at bay that would otherwise accumulate on high-touch surfaces. They use commercial-grade cleaning supplies to handle tough jobs. The services are suitable for industries like:

  • Offices
  • Gyms or fitness centers
  • Retail establishments
  • Mom-and-pop shops
  • Major corporations

Day Services vs. Night Services

When you hire a professional cleaning company for your business, you can choose between day and night services. With day services, a team of skilled cleaners will be on-site during the day to immediately handle problems like spills or bathroom messes. The commercial cleaning staff understands the importance of not interrupting business operations, so they know how to do their job without causing disruptions.

If you prefer your staff and customers to enter a clean office without interacting with the cleaning staff, night services would be ideal. Instead of coming in during the day, the commercial cleaning professionals will come to your office building at night and clean everything from top to bottom.

Though you would be responsible for the cost of running electricity and plumbing after hours, you can count on the porters to get the building spotless without worrying about them distracting your employees.

Tailored Services for Office Buildings That Need Cleaning

Many companies claim to offer comprehensive commercial cleaning services, so it can be difficult choosing the right service for your office’s needs. The best option is the one that offers customized services.

Professional companies that take the time to consult you about your needs and expectations are the ones that are most likely to deliver the high-quality results you need.

Your ideal commercial cleaning company will always put your needs as their top priority. Their highly trained and experienced team will go above and beyond to ensure they provide the best service every time they work on your property. If a problem arises, the team will work with you to provide the best solution.

Below are some of the services you could get from a reliable office cleaning company.

Lobby Cleaning

Many people go through your office building’s lobby each day, so it can get messy quickly without daily cleanings. The lobby is also the space that sets the tone for the entire office because it’s the first room people enter. Vendors, potential customers, and repeat clients might not want to do business with your company due to a poor overall experience if it’s unkept.

With commercial cleaning, you can be confident your lobby will always be presentable for whoever enters the office building. Your guests will have a tidy seating area to wait, and lobby workers can work more efficiently at the main desk.

Trash Removal

Throughout the day, trash will accumulate in garbage bins in the office. The mess may eventually begin to smell and give the office a foul odor, and garbage could also attract pests like mice and roaches, which will cause additional problems for the office and its workers.

Trash removal is a vital part of commercial cleaning services. By emptying all the bins every day, the cleaning crew helps you maintain a safe and sanitary office that smells fresh and clean.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Sanitizing

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the emphasis on disinfecting public spaces has been high. You can ensure that your staff and visitors stay safe by working with a commercial cleaning company that upholds the CDC’s strict cleaning and sanitizing standards.

These professionals use commercial-grade disinfectants to sanitize surfaces properly to kill harmful pathogens. Your office will be safer with better indoor air quality.

Floor Care

The floor is the most noticeable surface in any office. Unfortunately, high-traffic areas like lobby entrances and the paths around workstations can quickly become dirty. Dirty, dingy floors can cause an entire room to look unkempt, and it will harbor dirt and pathogens that people can track into other spaces every time they move.

High-quality floor care is an integral part of office cleaning. The cleaning team will vacuum the floors daily and provide weekly, monthly, or bi-annually deep cleaning services to ensure your floors maintain their visual appeal. The service will keep your office looking great and reduce the need for premature flooring replacement.

Window Washing

Business owners often forget about their windows, but they require care like other surfaces inside their buildings. Like grimy flooring, dirty windows can make rooms seem dingy, despite the overall cleanliness of the office.

Instead of neglecting your office windows or tasking your workers to handle them, you can rely on a commercial cleaning staff to perform window washing services. These professionals have the best cleaning supplies and washing techniques to keep windows, doors, and other glass surfaces free of blemishes.

Restroom Cleaning and Stocking

Restrooms need frequent cleaning to stay sanitary. A dirty restroom can produce bad odors that could seep into other spaces. These rooms also contain many high-touch surfaces that are highly vulnerable to germs and pathogens.

You can ensure your office’s restrooms are always clean and ready for use by hiring a professional cleaning crew. Commercial cleaners use high-grade disinfectants to sanitize restrooms from top to bottom, including the flooring, sinks, and toilets. The team will also ensure each room has its essential supplies like soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Complimentary Publication Organization

A unique service that some office cleaning companies provide is publication organization for lobbies and waiting rooms. Many offices have magazine racks or stacks with reading material for guests to look at while waiting. With complimentary publication organization services, porters will organize the reading materials.

Mastering Office Cleaning: Generating Leads and Winning Commercial Cleaning Bids

Benefits of Professional Office Cleaning Services

The first step to cultivating a pleasant work environment is to tidy and sanitize surfaces. A qualified cleaning service can help you achieve that goal while providing these benefits:

  • Professional service: Each cleaning team member will maintain a professional attitude and appearance while they clean your office building.
  • Experience: The staff will have the necessary training and experience to provide a high level of care and work efficiently to clean each room. Professional companies also perform background checks on cleaners and insure them to ensure the safety of your property.
  • Quality results: Reputable cleaning companies know how to get commercial spaces in shape and deliver noticeable results with little to no mistakes.
  • Availability: With 24/7 availability, cleaning crews can be available to clean your office building during or after business hours.

Commercial cleaning services do more than ensure your workspace is spotless. Office buildings that need cleaning can also experience benefits beyond a clean work environment, including the following:

Better Employee Health

An unkempt work environment isn’t only distracting to workers and customers. It can also impact their health.

Commercial spaces are high-traffic areas with many high-touch surfaces like door handles, sink faucets, toilets, computers, office equipment, and desks. Without regular cleaning and disinfecting, these surfaces will accumulate germs, bacteria, and viruses that can transfer from person to person, which is how illnesses spread among colleagues. Microbes can also be airborne and travel through the HVAC system.

With professional cleaning services, you can be confident your office gets regular sanitation from a cleaning crew that upholds a high standard of work. Since their services include disinfecting common areas, restrooms, desks, air vents, and other surfaces, your employees will spend less time feeling ill and taking sick days.

Increased Worker Productivity

When employees feel great, they’re more likely to be productive. Unfortunately, paper clutter on desks, full trash bins, dirty bathrooms, and unkempt breakrooms can distract workers and cause unnecessary stress and distraction.

Employees will have an easier time focusing and concentrating on their tasks when they don’t have to worry about the state of their workstations. They’re also more likely to effectively collaborate with their colleagues. Though it’s best for your employees to organize their important documents and files themselves, you can minimize their stress and boost productivity by hiring qualified cleaners to handle floors, common areas, conference rooms, and everything else.

Positive First Impressions

Every business needs a positive reputation to retain workers and entice new clientele. Unfortunately, a dirty work environment can give people a poor first impression, causing them to overlook the business despite their ability to provide quality goods and services.

A commercial cleaning service can help offices that need cleaning by keeping everything neat and ensuring the work environment fosters an air of professionalism. Your business will produce positive first impressions as soon as workers, customers, suppliers, and visitors enter the building.

Improved Air Quality

Indoor air can have more pollution than outside air, which triggers unpleasant symptoms like:

  • Headache
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Eye irritation

Dust, pollen, and other allergens can settle on office carpets and upholstery. These airborne particles can also build up on desks and office equipment.

The best way to combat this issue and improve your building’s air quality is to hire a professional staff to clean regularly. Regular vacuuming, dusting, wiping down surfaces, and deep carpet cleaning promotes less airborne debris that could lower the building’s air quality and cause workers to feel unwell.

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