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Executive Cleaning Services St. Paul Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota’s state capital, is a great place to work and live; of this there is no debate. It has won numerous accolades, and awards have been bestowed on the city for being one of the best cities in the nation to live. Just in 2011, it won awards for Best Quality of Life, Best Business Friendliness, Top Stadium Experiences, Best Job Markets, and Third Best Market for Young Professionals. And while one of the ‘twin cities’ with Minneapolis, St. Paul sets itself apart through its high quality of living, beautiful views of the Mississippi river, and its professional sports teams that are fiercely supported by dedicated fans.

You, too, contribute to St. Paul’s greatness, with the success and growth of your own St. Paul business. But did you know that you could be losing money due to improper cleaning of your business’s office building? 98% of workers are affected by minor, sometimes major contagious diseases, due to unclean surroundings. And when you’re in a large metropolitan area like St. Paul, Minnesota, that risk of sickness increases along with the number you work with or alongside. Don’t take a chance on your business and the health of your employees. With Executive Cleaning’s 30-plus years of experience, you will know that the safety and professional presentation of your business are in good hands. We believe all businesses should be treated like royalty, and all work places should be clean, safe, and sanitary. We guarantee to deliver customer satisfaction and meet the needs and requirements of all of our valued clients. So don’t waste time and money. Call Executive Clean today! Talk to Us and let us help you to focus on making St. Paul the best it can be, by leaving the cleaning to us!

We serve all St. Paul and surrounding areas in Minnesota.

Our services are in full compliance with SBA of St. Paul MN and Public Safety best practices.

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Over the years, we've learned what makes a successful partnership between a cleaning company and a maintenance administrator. We know the stresses, pressure, and work required to upkeep the cleanliness and pristine image of your facility. With ECS, you are not hiring a franchise, you are hiring a team of cleaners who care about your commercial business and provide the care and quality service your industry needs. We use the latest equipment and green cleaning products which are safe for the environment.

For over 40 years ECS, has been committed to providing the utmost professional commercial cleaning experience in town. We don't just say it, we guarantee it!

We're a family-owned business, not a franchise. We don't treat you like just "another account". To us, you're our business partner.


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