9 Things to Know Before Hiring a Retail Facility Cleaning Company in Long Island, NY

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Long Island

Are you a retail facility owner looking to improve the cleanliness of your facility?

Many business owners run their facilities on their own, while others use an entire workforce. Regardless of the size of your establishment, you want to make sure it is clean and well-kept for both customers and employees alike. 

Hiring a retail facility cleaning company is the solution to your problem. But you need to know what you are getting into before hiring a retail cleaning service provider in Long Island, New York. 

This blog post will lay down some basic information and things you need to consider.

What are the most common types of spills in Long Island retail stores?

The most common spills include coffee, grease, water, and milk. In retail outlets, many customers buy beverages along with their products. Increased foot traffic from spilled drinks in  retail stores is inevitable. Thus, it is necessary to have retail cleaning staff on hand.

What is retail cleaning?

Retail cleaning is the act of having cleaners come in and clean retail stores on a regular basis. Retail facility cleaning allows retail outlets to operate without a fuss. Regular retail cleaning also assists in the prevention of damage to retail items. 

Retail facility cleaning is a must-have for retail stores. Without retail cleaning, retail outlets will close or suffer from immense amounts of damage with each visit from a customer. 

What is a “deep clean,” and how often should your facility have it?

 A deep clean refers to professional retail cleaning at retail facilities. Your store should have it once or twice a month, depending on the retail outlets. Deep retail cleaning is not only crucial during retail sales seasons. Your store needs a cleaning plan for deep cleaning between periods of high traffic. 

How do you know if your store needs a deep cleaning?

There are several indicators that retail stores need deep cleaning. The first sign is when you find it necessary to replace cleaning supplies frequently. These cleaning products include towels, mops, and brooms. 

If you notice an increased amount of stains in retail stores that are hard to clean. That is when you should consider hiring retail cleaners. 

Why is hiring an outside company to clean cost-effective?

An outside retail cleaner can spend more time on retail cleaning. It is better than having your employees do it themselves. Without retail cleaners, retail employees would have to find ways to maintain their stores as well as they do now. That is impossible with all the other things retail employees need to attend.

What should you look for when interviewing potential cleaners for your business?

When hiring cleaning professionals, you should consider their experience, training, and insurance. Their experience will provide quality retail cleaning service for your store. Please make sure you check their references before bringing them in to clean your retail site.

What type of cleaning services does a retail facility cleaning service include? 

Commercial cleaning companies in Long Island provide:

  • Retail store deep cleaning.
  • Janitorial weekly retail cleaning.
  • Post-construction retail cleaning services.
  • Carpet retail cleanings.

How much do they charge?

Retail cleaners will typically charge retail customers at an hourly rate. The more retail cleaning your site needs, the more you should expect to pay for the cleaning service.

How does a retail cleaning company make your life easier?

It’s simple. You do your business while they do the cleaning. No more time wasted keeping your retail facility clean. No more time wasted reminding employees to do a shoddy job. 

Professional retail cleaners may also set up retail displays and replace retail supplies. They can also help retail facilities secure retail building access points.

Long Island retail facilities are not immune to spills and messes. And if your store is open for long hours, you can expect an increased number of spill incidents. These could be a liability issue or, worse yet, a customer service problem. 

Does this sound like the situation you are facing in your business? The best time to hire a professional cleaner is now. They will offer cleaning solutions before spilled liquids damage your facility. 

Professional cleaners know how to tackle the most challenging cleaning jobs. And they do it without damaging your merchandise.

They also provide extra services such as vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. They do this to ensure deep-down dirt removal from all surfaces. These cleaning professionals will make things look presentable in your store. So, customers stay happy with their experience at your retail store.

Are you looking to hire a top-grade cleaner for your Long Island business? Need professional cleaning services that will keep your store sparkling clean and ready for customers? Contact us today at (631) 271-8523 and get your free estimate.