What is a porter service and why do you need one?

by | May 18, 2017 | Uncategorized

Like Clark Kent but without the cape, day porters are the unseen, and usually unrecognized, superheroes of the office building. Like superman, a porter service will sweep in and clean up messes before they have a chance to not only affect your day to day functioning, but your companies image. A first impression can often be the only image that a visiting executive or client can have of your business. Your day porter keeps the facility clean and in good repair, and helping you check the boxes that can easily overwhelm your to-do list. And In the increasingly busy business environment of today, you need reliable Day Porter Services to help keep the physical aspect of your company running smoothly and looking its best.

The exact duties of your porter services can be tailored to provide whatever vital services that your building needs. Most commercial buildings could use a day porter service that provides any of the following service:

  • Lobby maintenance
  • Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias and patios
  • Monitoring and servicing restrooms
  • Product replacement in high-traffic areas
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Meeting setup/tear down

Once you have an idea of what kind of help would be most useful in your facility, you should sit down with your commercial cleaning company or janitorial contractor to develop a job description and schedule of duties for your Day Porter services. Executive Cleaning Services has a fully trained and prepared porter services NYC that are ready to keep your busy corporate world clean. Contact Executive Cleaning Services today to see how our highly trained and skilled day porter services can help keep your building looking its best every day!