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You wake up in the morning, hush the hounding alarm, get ready, and head for the door. You get in your car, the day ahead of you nagging at you quietly at first but getting louder the closer you get to the office. You are a professional, with a task at hand.

If you were to walk into the office and see overflowing trash, filthy windows, and yesterdays war staring you in the face, the list of things you need to complete seems to dissipate into a seemingly large pile of trash that looks similar to the one in front of you.

As much as we all secretly love busy work and the day to day details that are required to keep a company running efficiently, the  fact of the matter is, you’re here to do a job. And unless the job is to keep the office looking immaculate, the likelihood of that happening is slim.

Below are 4 excellent reasons hiring an outsourced cleaning company makes sense:


We are all here for the bottom line, no if’s and or buts about it. Although you may love your job, if you weren’t being paid, you probably wouldn’t choose to go broke at your desk, versus your lawn chair in the front yard.

Although by and large the expense of hiring anyone for office cleaning needs is noticeable on a budget, the expense of not hiring anyone will ultimately be much larger. From decreased productivity due to unclean environments and diminished morale, to maintenance expenses, you’ll find that handling each situation as it arises and caring for the facility will prove to be a worthy investment. Having it done efficiently and thoroughly will show a dramatic rate of return. Seasoned professionals commercial cleaning company, such as Executive Cleaning Services, have been in the industry for decades and they know clean. The time it takes to complete the tasks, the thoroughness of the work, and the overall result will come at a lesser expense than paying someone internally to learn the industry.

Hazardous/Unsafe Conditions

Although bacteria is a ruthless force to be reckoned with it is often under-thought and over looked. But we have all walked into the gas station bathroom that wasn’t kept well, and immediately made the decision we would never return, even if the rest of the store was flawless. The psychological impact of an unsafe or unsanitary environment will drive people to believe that all services provided will reflect the experience.

Employees who are subjected to these kinds of conditions are predisposed to leaving early, showing up late, and having disregard for their own work space. Once again, a mirror image of the overall conditions.

Happy Employees/Impressed Clients

Pride is an undersold asset of a company. By in large, those who are proud of their company will produce higher than those who are offered increased compensation to deal with whatever lies beneath the rug. Pride is derived from value. Value is directly attributed to respect. And respect should be shown in every facet of a professional facility.


Although it has been stressed through out this discussion, it’s important to understand the implications of a clean vs. dirty work environment. Although you may own the company and go home to an immaculate home, unless you are inviting your customers and employees there, they only see what they have  direct perception to. If their experience is of class and routine, it’s easy to duplicate that process in the work being completed. If it’s thoughtless and disruptive…………you’ll see the same result.

Many cleaning companies will profess their positioning as “leading cleaning professionals” but after 41 years in the business, Executive Cleaning Services has earned their reputation through hard work and constant evolution to meet the needs of their valued clients.

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