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One year ago, I took my business out of my home’s basement and into a more professional setting.  It was an exciting time, full of stress and changes that I never expected. I was happy to be in a setting that felt like real change was happening, my employees were happy that our operation was expanding, and my children were happy to have their playroom back.  It seemed like a win/win/win situation.  But slowly, problems arose because of our move. The business side of things was doing well, and we started to expand at a rate that we didn’t realize was possible, but this success made me busier. I soon realized that I needed more people on staff, and my employees and I had less time to spend on the upkeep of the building.

Over time, a little bit of dust turned into a lot of dust, trash bins started piling up, and it was overwhelming.  I needed several clones of myself to get everything done, and it wasn’t going to happen unless science started to make some real advances real quickly.  I endured late night after late night, only to realize that someone needed to restock the toilet paper, or the trash needed to be taken out. Tasks would go unnoticed during the busy workdays, and were only realized after everyone left for the day and I was alone.  After about the 300th trip to the dumpster at 1 am, I realized that I actually couldn’t do it all. I needed help from a commercial cleaning company, a fact that was hard for a control freak like me to accept.

I didn’t trust just anyone to come into my office, so I starting looking for companies that had the highest quality services, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  It took me a few days but I found Executive Clean Cleaning Services, and I’ve never gone back. They took their time to look at what my needs were, how big my office space was, and how often I needed their help.  It was refreshing to find another company dedicated to not only running a successful business, but who also wanted to provide high-quality service and skilled employees. After our first meeting to review my business’s needs, I felt like I was in very capable hands, and looked forward to our partnership.

Now, a year later, I have no regrets.  I leave at the end of the day knowing that my business will be fresh and professional due to the fine work of Executive Clean and their awesome staff. From dusting to vacuuming, to even more deep cleaning services like carpets, they do it all, and completely around my business schedule.  No longer am I carrying out heavy bags of trash at the end of the night and trying to remember to bring in a vacuum to clean up a spill tomorrow. Now I leave at the end of the day, a weight lifted off my shoulders, knowing that my business will be taken care of by the fine folks at Executive Clean. I only wish I had known about them sooner. If I had heard about a commercial cleaning company the moment I moved locations, I wouldn’t have had so many late nights. Thank you, Executive Clean.

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